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PCB panel design

I am designing a 4-Layer 0.5mm thickness PCB. The outline is rather small which introduces some problems with panelizing the PCB. As I am a novice regarding these topics I would like to ask for help. ...
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Duplicate designators in a panelized design in Altium

I am using Altium 21. I am panelizing the design using Place -> Embedded Board Array/Panelize menu in a PCB editor and later output the Pick and Place centroid file from the resulting panelized ....
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2 answers

How are PCBs with castellated pins arranged in a panel?

Can anyone please describe to me how PCBs with castellated pins are arranged in a panel. My understanding is that castellated pins are formed by drilling the edge of a PCB then plating, similar to a ...
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How to create a break away to cut the board?

I am not a expert with Eagle 9.6 but I created a nice PCB. A friend of mine is going to assemble the part with a pick and place machine. He asked me to enlarge my PCB to be able to fix the board and ...
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PCB Panelization Impact

What is the impact on a PCB design if it is panelized? I received a message from a PCB manufacturer: In your order, the quantity of boards is large and the boards are quite small. Can we panelize ...
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0 answers

Altium Designer: panelization with test tracks

I have a board which I want to place in a panel. I can do it with Place -> Embedded Board Array/Panelize. Easy! After that I was intended to place additional wiring and connectors on the panel (...
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3 answers

Altium Panelizing

I want to send my board to production however i am not sure a component's actual sizes because there is not enough information on its datasheet. I put its image and the necessary dimension "x". This ...
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Altium: can not remove or change black rectangle in panelization

I have a panelized pcb in altium. Opening it, a black rectangle shows in the background, as you can see in this picture: The rectangle has no relation with the panelized pcb. I want to remove it, or ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What is the purpose of the sharp edges (aka mouse bites, aka perforated breakaway tabs) on the PCB?

I have received an NVIDIA Jetson board this week and it has the following edges near the mount holes: I did a quick search on the internet but was only able to find similar edges on the Raspberry Pi ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Panelization (& Depaneling) a Metal Core PCB

What is preferred way to panelise a Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) - V-scoring or Tab-routing? The engineering challenge I am facing is that the boards are meant for production (1,000 qty in the initial ...
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Who is responsible for panelizing solder paste layers?

When creating small PCBs, it is often convenient to panelize them for higher volume production. In my package of gerber files, I include all the layers for one image, and then include a PDF detailing ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How to panelize gerber files?

I am planning on ordering a panel with four different designs on it. Two were made in Altium, while the other two were made in Eagle. Altium has a great tool for panelizing boards designed in it, but ...
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