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Dot parameters LTspice - Transconductance of MOSFET

Below is a very simple circuit to extract the transconductance value of the MOSFET. As it is known, transconductance is known as Delta (Id) / Delta (Vgate). For the gate voltage, I defined it as .step ...
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Will I1 current be same as the current through the controlled source here?

I was solving this question related to two port parameters. I am confused as to what will be \$I_1\$ when \$V_1=0\$ i.e. the input port is short circuit-ed, since the controlled current source, \$gv_x\...
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Meaning of \$ICE0\$, \$ICEs\$ & \$B\$ parameters from this common transistor tester

I have one of these cheapo GM328A transistor testers & I'm diagnosing Darlington transistor with it. It's printing these parameters \$ICE0\$, \$ICEs\$ & \$B\$, which I'm not sure what they ...
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State of charge (SOC) and open circuit voltage (OCV) estimation of INR18650 20R Lithium Ion battery

I want to calculate SOC and OCV of INR18650 20R Lithium Ion battery from CALCE battery dataset available at the website In a research article I read that SOC = (...
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Determining poles and zeros from those of interconnected two-port networks

My goal is to find the poles and zeros of a large network. Specifically a cascade connection of series C's and shunt L's. One could also consider this a CL Ladder circuit. I am interested in ...
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How to change the order of parameters on a component in schematic

In my symbol library for my capacitor, the capacitance displays before the voltage rating. When I place it on a schematic, the voltage displays first. I want the capacitance to display first. How can ...
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LTspice: tables for parameterized passive components... why not?

What I'd really like is to be able to parameterize an impedance like a resistor against frequency with a table and interpolation in AC mode, as in Rf=table(freq,1meg,10,10meg,50) I remember seeing ...
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I don't understand this statement regarding measurement of impedance parameter of a transistor

I was reading about hybrid parameters from the text book 'Engineering circuit analysis by Hayt-8th edition'. I read a paragraph saying :- " The difficulty in measuring quantities such as the open-...
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How do I find or calculate BJT parameters for LTspice?

A typical entry line in LTspice's Standard.bjt file contains, e.g., .model 2N4126 PNP(Is=1.41f Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=18.7 Bf=203.7 Ne=1.5 Ise=0 Ikf=80m Xtb=1.5 Br=4.924 Nc=2 Isc=0 Ikr=0 Rc=2.5 Cjc=9.728p ...
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How can I find tsmc65N (or 65nm feature size) NMOS parameters definition in Cadence Virtuoso?

How can I find tsmc65N (or 65nm feature size) NMOS parameters definition in Cadence Virtuoso? They are all abbreviated and there is not any guide there. For example, I want to know the value of "...
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Can the secondary voltage of this old transformer be derived?

Images are of an unknown "4808" PCB-mounted transformer. It has an open 240 VAC primary. Data: EI48 core, around 12-15VA. The center-tapped secondary is 15Ω-CT-15Ω and 1.6H-CT-1.6H according ...
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LTspice - move the cursor to a particular run in the plot

After running a stepped parameter simulation, the cursor can be moved between different runs using the up and down arrows. This is impractical for a large number of runs. Is there a way to jump to e.g....
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Why can S21 be simply calculated as 2Vout/Vgen?

For one of the four S-parameters - the S21 - why is that S21 can be translated as 2Vout/Vgen? Is there a simple explanation for it?
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LTspice parameter sweep and sampling

Setup I am trying to run a parameter sweep in LTspice in order to generate STDP curves for a memristor. I'm doing this by sweeping a time-delta parameter dT between ...
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Motor voltage and VFDs

Is it possible to use a motor with a lower voltage rating than the line input to the VFD that it's running on? Most VFDs have a parameter to set the maximum motor voltage, what effect does this have?
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What is the physical significance of beta and alpha in BJT?

I have read in the book that beta is the ratio of collector current to the base current in common emitter configuration and alpha is the ratio of collector current to emitter current to common base ...
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How to simulate a short on LTspice

I'm trying to simulate two scenarios in LTspice. One is when things are ok. The second is when a short happens. As you can imagine I'm a beginner with LTspice. At first I was just putting a resistor ...
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Where are document options in altium 2020

I switched to altium 2020 and I can't find the document options dialog that was previously available in "design / document options". I want to set parameters like in the screenshot (altium ...
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What is the (typical) value of SPICE parameter ISS for a (vertical) npn transistor?

SPICE gives a default value for the (collector) substrate leakage saturation current ISS. The default is ISS=0 but I would like to know the real value for an integrated vertical npn transistor. The ...
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Transmission Parameters for a 2nd order butterworth bandpass filter

I am trying to find the transmission parameters (ABCD parameters) for the above circuit. $$a_{11}= \frac{V_1}{V_2} |I_2=0$$ $$a_{12}= -\frac{V_1}{I_2} |V_2=0$$ $$a_{21}= \frac{I_1}{V_2} |I_2=0$$ $$a_{...
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Magic number in TI white paper "Estimating MOSFET Parameters from the Data Sheet"

I'm reading through a white paper titled Estimating MOSFET Parameters from the Data Sheet (PDF), published by Texas Instruments in 2002, and in section "A3. Gate threshold and Miller plateau ...
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Hybrid parameters vs. frequency

The question I need to solve is: how do the h parameters (hybrid) vary as a function of frequency? In particular, I need to estimate the Y parameters (admitance parameters) for a 2N3904 transistor, ...
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