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How to apply thermal paste on a large surface (between IMS PCB and heatsink)?

I've got a project that features an array of ultraviolet LEDs on an aluminium board. This board shall be screwed to a heatsink. My problem is that I'd like to apply thermal paste to improve the ...
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Why does a Pt100 RTD fail after immersion in thermally conductive and electrically isolating paste?

I currently have a Class A Pt100 RTD connected via an Adafruit RTD amplifier to an Arduino using SPI. It has good thermal contact with the warm surface after immersion in a thermally conductive (and ...
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DRC test passes but the track touches the Top paste mask layer

I am designing a PCB with ESP32 module. It has a Top paste mask layer (Gray color region). When I rute or perform DRC, this region is not considered as a conductor. I am worried if it will make a ...
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White paste and strong plastic smell on induction stove [closed]

My induction hob, when in use for several minutes on high heat is producing a very heavy plastic smell. The hob is working properly besides this smell. I opened the back of the hob and noticed this ...
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Best way to remove paste in pad footprint in Altium

I have a top only pad in a footprint. I don't need any open window on the the top solder layer so I set the tented option enable for my pad... But even if the top solder is off (no window for this ...
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Why are there no nichrome resistor pastes?

Nichrome wire is commonly used for wire coil heating elements. Other heating elements are formed by screen printing a pattern of "resistor paste" onto a dielectric coated substrate. These pastes are ...
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Can Altium Designer 17 Generate Missing Paste Mask Layers?

I recently ordered three proto PCBs from a small PCB company. This board house produces Gerber files in-house from their proprietary PCB layout files, and provides this Gerber set to the user on ...
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Soldering iron tip turns black after first use, and won't melt solder [duplicate]

I am a beginner in the field of soldering. Two weeks ago a bought a brand new soldering iron for around $15. The iron had a shiny tip, but after I plugged it in it turned black pretty quickly. ...
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6 answers

Solder Paste vs Solder Flux

I bought a "Solder Paste". It is in quote because I'm not really sure if it's a Solder Paste itself. I researched about what Solder Paste is and, by definition, is defined as a mixture of small ...
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QFN32 exposed pad stencil

I made a pcb with a QFN32 with exposed pad but I feel like I've made a mistake on the stencil, in the exposed pad area. I managed to solder it and the chip (CC1310) is programmed successfully but I'm ...
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Altium paste component at a new pattern shape( like circular or ...)

I need to past the component in PCB part automatically in one new pattern shape,So is there any why to draw pattern and paste component in that pattern automatically by Altium ( similar to align ...
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2 answers

thermal glue or paste thermal resistance

Trying to calculate thermal resistance before heat sink for cooling MOSFET. MOSFET Rjc is given in datasheet. But heat sink will be glued using thermal glue like HC910 which has thermal conductivity ...
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Consistency of thermal heat paste

I want to use thermal paste for improving the thermal resistance between a semiconductor and a cooling element. But when I got it out of the tube, it was party transparent/fluid, and partly white/...
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Solder paste stencil application

I am trying to do reflow soldering with a stencil for the first time. I have done some reflow soldering before, but every time I manually applied the paste using a small syringe + needle. These ...
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calculate thermal conductivity for thermal paste

I'm trying to calculate the thermal paste joint between my pcb and the heatsink I found in the manufacturers datasheet is has a thermal conductivity of 1.6W/mK ( Watt / meter kelvin ). Whilst all ...
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best material for sticking power electronic devices into the heat sink

what is the best material for sticking power electronic devices into the heat sink. We are using of Heat-resistant silicone paste similar to this photo: thanks a lot
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Looking for electrically-conductive paste

I apologize in advance if this question is a shopping question. I am having problems with noisy connection problems on a metal shield that covers a very sensitive VCO in a professional wireless audio ...
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