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Using central heating pipe to detect neutral line with a multimeter

I'm exploring the capabilities of my cheap Aneng SZ08 multimiter, which I've recently purchased. I have a question related to the detection of a neutral line in the wall socket using a multimiter. ...
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How to find the direction of phase difference of sine signals using multiplier phase detector?

I am using a multiplier phase detector like here 1to find the phase difference between two phase shifted sine signals, and I got the value of magnitude but how to find if the signal 2 is leading/...
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About PLL input frequency

I am working on a PLL design. I am at the research stage now. I am confused about the PLL input frequency range. This frequency has to remain constant. If this input frequency stays constant, how can ...
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Frequency multiplication with PLL circuit

I am currently working on frequency multiplication with a PLL circuit. I want to give it an input frequency of 10 kHz to 100 kHz and I want to get 160 kHz to 1.6 MHz from the VCO output. That's a ...
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Designing circuit of clock recovery from data line [duplicate]

I am currently struggling with the following challenge. In the system I am currently designing, the transmitting device is equipped with an image sensor with MIPI output (1 data line, 12 Mbit data ...
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Generating DC signal using a phase detector

I can generate a DC signal using a splitter and a phase detector. I do this by splitting a signal to two and then mixing them in a phase detector (I can also use a mixer as well for this purpose). By ...
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Struggling to understand how a phase locked loop reaches lock

I have a basic question regarding PLLs and how they actually achieve lock. I was told that the PLLs go into the lock when the output of a phase detector is zero, therefore to drive VCO an integrator ...
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Two sine wave of 0 to 5V,with a frequency of 500Khz. How do I find the phase difference between the two sine wave

I have two sine wave with a frequency of 500Khz, and voltage range of 0 to 5V. I would like to detect phase difference between the two sine wave; especially, when the phase difference between the two ...
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Need help understanding the MOSFET trailing edge dimming

I am working on a circuit to control AC loads up to 1.5 kW by using MOSFETs (FCHD125N65S3R0-F155). The circuit: I have a few concerns: The current is flowing through the body diode of Q2 during the ...
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Duty cycle detection circuit for square wave

I have two signals coming out of one block. One signal is one period delayed than the other one. Is there any method to detect the duty cycle of these pulses?. Edit: Clk is my original signal. Going ...
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type I phase detector - analog vs digital inputs

Section 13.13.2.A of the Art of Electronics (3e) describes a type-I phase detector. It is explained that the analog version of this circuit uses a multiplier and the digital version uses an xor gate. ...
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