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Is it a good idea to use a relay for 433 MHz antenna TX/RX switching?

I am designing a PCB for a power amplifier for 433 MHz. The output power is 60 W and the power MOSFET I am using is an RA60H4047M from Mitsubishi. The RA60H4047M driving is fine and I can get 60 W ...
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Need an RF switch IC or circuit that can switch with a DC bias

I have an active antenna used for GPS. I need to supply the conductor of the RF cable with 5V DC. It consumes around 20mA. This antenna connects to a PCB where I inject the DC bias onto the RF line ...
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What is "drive" (in units of coulomb) in this datasheet?

In the datasheet of the family of step-recovery diodes (they are essentially PIN diodes with the I layer "very thin") MMDx of MACOM (link here), following figure is given I understand that ...
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Schematic Review: PIN diode switch driver

I've designed a PIN diode RF switch driver, specifically to drive HP33000 series switches. Unfortunately, these are very old, and not much documentation exists, so I'd like to ask for advice from ...
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