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Would a small 5V powered PCB (e.g. Pi Zero) inside a PLA plastic enclosure be OK?

I have a small 5 V PCB e.g. a Pi Zero. This is inside a PLA plastic enclosure currently. It is quite considerably larger than the PCB approximately 5x as wide and 3x as tall. The PCB is raised above ...
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Using a gear-styled wiper in a potentiometer

I want to use a custom Gear styled wiper in a regular potentiometer. I found an old product that uses this. It has some weird plastic contraption in order to achieve this. I supply some pictures for ...
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Suggestion for ESD Chassis Ground for Battery-Operated Device with Plastic Enclosure

We are developing a wearable device that is battery powered which is enclosed with a plastic enclosure. As a requirement for safety, we submitted the device for EMC testing, which includes Indirect ...
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Technical term to define "the grooves" feature in a plastic enclosure

What is the technical term to define those grooves indicated by the arrows, in the attached picture?
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PCB conformal coating / potting / resin in an IP65 case

I'm designing a PCB that will be installed in an IP65 plastic case. The device will be installed in multiple scenarios and regions (indoors, outdoors, high/lo temperatures, high/lo humidity etc). The ...
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Need some tips on using hot air soldering station for my project

I and my friend have designed a 0.8mm 4 layer PCB for our project. The top and bottom layers are for signal traces and the middle layers for power and ground. All the components that we use are SMD ...
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What is this plastic wrap used in electronics?

I will occasionally receive electronic components from China tightly wrapped in this plastic film. It's much thicker than general plastic wrap that's bought from the store and does a good job at ...
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Mechanical pressure contact

What I'm looking for is to be able to solder a mechanical pressure plate/arm to a PCB, where a plastic tab can be inserted. This contact (when connected) will complete the 3.3V/5V supply and turn on ...
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Identifying this component adapter/socket

I'm sorting an old collection of electronic components, some of which I don't know what they are used for, like this one: This component is about 7 mm wide. Does anyone recognize this? Thanks in ...
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What kind of rubber "melts" plastic?

I know this should probably be posted in a chemistry exchange, but I figured the parts are pretty standard electronics equipment that the question might be more relevant here. So a couple of ...
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Grounding inside a plastic enclosure

I hope this is an easy question for you. I am using a plastic box as a watertight enclosure for a single board computer and some accessories. I will be using an AC power source coming in through a 3 ...
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"etching" transparent conductor on transparent plastic film or glass? [closed]

I've put the word etching in quotations as the method to get conductive tracks on a glass or plastic film might not involve a subtractive approach as with traditional PCBs of applying a conductive ...
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How to stop plastic granules sticking to the iron wall of their silo?

In our factory, we have some large (8 meters tall and 3 meters in diameters) iron silos for storing the plastic compounding material. Every time the silos are getting unloaded from the granules, the ...
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Is it possible to make a plastic touch screen as sensitive and accurate as a glass one?

I learned in this answer that touch screens with a glass front are generally more sensitive and accurate than those with plastic fronts. This corresponds with my personal experience. However, is ...
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Is there a technical reason why most touch screens use glass rather than plastic?

Most modern touch screens in portable devices are made of glass. This glass often breaks if accidentally dropped. Also, it is very reflective, making it difficult to use in strong light. I know that ...
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What clear plastic stripping is used to wrap a toroidal power transformer?

I'm partially rewinding a toroidal transformer just for the pure thrill of controlling the output voltage. I'm sure I'll get over it, but for the moment that prospect is pretty exciting for some ...
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What are the square holes for in most electronic project boxes?

I'm new to the electronic scene and lately I been purchasing a lot of project boxes for the stuff I make, I've noticed in about 75% of the boxes I purchase they come with small square shaped holes on ...
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Conductivity of plastic, wood and leakage current of laptops

Back around 2010, there were incidents where the surface of laptops have conducted 20-100V and have electrically shocked users. There is no doubt most of the newer laptops still conduct a continuous ...
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How to detect non magnetic material?

I want to design a paintball counter. I have a metallic or plastic tube through which a paint ball passes. How can I detect that the ball passed? What kind of sensors do I need? I cannot see the ...
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Are stand-offs unnecessary when the case is made of plastic?

If a case is plastic, would there be any real benefit to using stand-offs to ensure the circuit board is not in contact with the side of the plastic case? Even when the plastic is non-conductive? (...
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Thermoplastic-based touch panels: why not?

(I'm new to EE.SE, so I don't know if this is on-topic here. Please forgive me.) From what I understand, capacitive touch technology relies on coating one side of a resistive material with a ...
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Fixing/Replacing Conductor Ribbon Cable

I tried to fix a keyboard that was having some intermittent issues by cleaning the conductors on the ribbon cable. I used an emery-board to rub off the rust and patina on the pins at the end of the ...
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Distance measurement to liquid plastic

What's the best way to find out how much plastic I got in a container? Characteristics: It's slimey It's liquid It's sticky Its electrical resistance is very very high It's very warm(250 degrees ...
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