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What type of probes are used to connect to plated-through-holes without soldering a pin into the socket? [duplicate]

Are there probes that are designed to insert snugly into 40-mil holes (about the size of those needed by a DuPont connector)? I am thinking of something that looks like a banana plug with springs on ...
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How does filling a via with solder change its resistance or impedance?

For instance, let's assume a copper trace width of 10 mm on both sides of a double-layer FR4 board with a thickness of 1.5 mm, copper thickness 35 µm (1 ounce per square foot). The traces are ...
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Are there measured values for the resistance contribution of vias of different diameters and depths?

I'm interested to know if there are real-world measurement values available for the resistance contribution of vias (or plated through holes). Sure - there is no widespread definition of what a ...
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Through-hole soldering issue [closed]

I had some hard time soldering new switches to my computer mouse, now it looks like I lost some solder pads, what shouild I do? Every other component of the PCB seems ok cuz I didnt touch it. Photos:
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What does this fabrication rule do?

Does the part that says, "Plate Through Holes with copper, 0.001" thick min" mean that 0.001" hole plating will be applied to all plated holes? I am new to the fabrication process and I am wondering ...
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THROUGH-HOLE PLATING problem [closed]

I'm making a stm32 board at home. How can I plate through holes low cost at home? Is there a low cost through hole plating kit?
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Why are through holes PLATED in PCBs?

As far as I understand, through holes in PCBs are often plated, hence the term PTH. Letting red denote copper, the first figure shows a through hole which is plated, and the second figure shows one ...
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What is the typical PCB fabrication process in a professional PCB house?

I have been etching my own boards as part of my hobby interest into electronics, and I can't help but wonder how exactly is the typical printed circuit board manufactured? Unfortunately, details on ...
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How to add holes in package and create elongated plated holes EAGLE

I need to create this package on EAGLE but I've problems with this elongated plated holes on sides. How I can do that?
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What is the meaning of this drill notation on datasheet PCB drawing?

Drawing the land pattern for a through hole part and am seeing this extra information below the main hole diameter (and tolerance): For example, let's look at the one drawn right below the LED symbol ...
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Gerber verification for plated holes

I recently designed a board and got them produced. I had specified plated holes at some locations. But the PCBs came without them (unplated). I decided to check the Gerber files to see if it was ...
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What hole size for test probe to get a snug fit?

I’m designing a bed of nails test jig. I want my test probes to fit snugly in the circuit board, but want to allow for variation in the through hole plating of the hole. In Altium, when you specify ...
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PCB, Plated hole with annular ring on only one side

I need my pads for connectors to be plated so that the pins from the connectors can be soldered. But the bottom side cannot have copper pad/annular ring. I have made the pads as shown in the figure ...
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How much larger should a plated-through hole be than lead diameter to get good solder wetting?

I'm designing a new PCB where I have a whack of connectors that have to line up with the metalwork. These are a two-piece Neutrik XLR connector where the insert is soldered to the PCB and then mates ...
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