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Altium CircuitMaker - Polygon Pour issue - Does not apper

I impored a model from Altium Designer into Altium CircuitMaker. When I updated my Polygon Pour, then the total orange area (GND plane) disappear. But it's still ...
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Altium Designer: polygon pour on signal layer

I'm designing a board around 2 Texas Instruments TPS65988. In the datasheet a layout example is shown where "fins" are placed around pads to provide further thermal dissipation. A pour to create this ...
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How To Hide The Outline of The Polygon in Altium

I have copied a polygon pour from one PCB to another, but I cannot seem to hide the outline on the new board. Anyone know how to do this? Comparison below: New Board: Previous:
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Do polygon pours have to be either ground or supply voltage? [duplicate]

I was wondering if it is possible to have polygon pours but not connected to anything. Will that affect the circuit in some manner ? Because for the pcb I'm designing, if I use polygon pours as ground ...
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Altium: Polygon Pour Direct Connect on Vias, Relief Connect on Pads

I'm not even sure if this should go here on the EE StackExchange or if there's a CAD board, but I'm posting it here just in case. I am working on a 2-sided SMD PCB that has vias and SMD pads. On the ...
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