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STM32 not starting when input voltage not dropping to zero

I am facing start-up issues during power on for the STM32L433. When voltage comes from zero everything works fine. But, if I disconnect the power supply from the wall socket and its internal ...
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ARM Cortex-M Processor Reset Behavior

I am trying to understand the ARM cortex-M hardware behavior on reset; particularly how the SP and PC values are written upon a cold start or hard reset. A quick search did find a few similar ...
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555 Timer Delay on Trigger

I am trying to build a circuit which will have an IR sensor. The type of IR sensor is active high. I need to connect the output of the IR sensor to a circuit which will give low output when the sensor ...
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Power on reset discharge circuitry

While looking at USB 3.0 Host Controller reference design, I came across this circuit: They used LL4148 diode in this design. Note: PONRST goes directly to the Host Controller IC. I'm trying to ...
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Reset mainboard from Raspberry Pi

I have a desktop computer with an Asus mainboard TUF_GAMING_B550-PLUS and a Raspberry Pi 4. I log in remotely to the computer, but unfortunately from time to time it has an operating system issue, ...
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Behaviour Variables stored in non volatile memory after RESET [closed]

I need to know if a variable stored in a non volatile memory, after a Power On Reset do this variable return to its default value, or it keeps the last valid value before the reset
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3 answers

CD4017 resetting itself when load connected

Ok to the issue I have been plagued with for some time now. The circuit is powered by a 4s Battery Pack (max VBAT = 16.8V, well below the CD4017 max V of 20V) After the Power-ON stage it is branched ...
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CMOS 4031 -- how was power-on initialization done in its intended applications?

I'm looking at using a CD4031 as a digital delay line in a project I'm working on. In this project, I'd much rather said digital delay line power up in an all-0 state, lest errant 1s clocked out of ...
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Question about capacitor and resistor in "power on reset circuit"

What I am reading has this circuit: It also has this description: In analog power on reset implementation, the time and voltage threshold factors are characteristic of an analog circuit. The time ...
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How would I externally drive the Reset signal alongside a classic Power-On Reset circuit?

Say I have a D Flip Flop and I have a resistor, capacitor, diode, and Schmitt buffer to keep its reset line low for a few ms during startup (as per this answer) This takes care of power-on, but during ...
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AVR reset pin capacitor causes chip to enter bootloader on powerup

I have a circuit using an ATmega32U4 and am using the Arduino Leonardo/Micro Caterina bootloader (the one that comes with arduinoIDE v1.8.13). The problem I am having is on power-up (via USB ...
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Reset when battery powered device receives USB power

Device (microcontroller) is powered by battery or USB, through load sharing circuit. When no USB, operates on battery. When USB applied, USB powered. I want device to reset once when USB power ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Put SR latch to determined state during power on

I'm trying to build a circuit that will stay turned on once triggered, and ordinary SR latch seems like a perfect solution. However, I cannot find an efficient way to turn SR Latch to deterministic ...
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What does the MCP4725 Power-On-Reset (POR) value indicate?

I managed to read from an MCP4725 using I2C. In the second byte below, the POR value it gives me is '1' (the whole byte is 11000000) I know that if ...
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