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Questions tagged [power-quality]

Refers to AC voltage magnitude, frequency and waveform properties. The term power quality is widely used, even though it mostly refers to voltage characteristics (possibly current too). Power quality many times refers to harmonic distortion of AC waveforms introduced by nonlinear components such as power converters. Power quality also has a power-distribution aspect related to quality of service: power outages, their duration and frequency of occurrence.

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Power Quality Measurement & Reporting Standards

I'm analyzing power quality in low and medium voltage facilities (50/60Hz; 0.48 - 69 kV; factories, campuses, etc.) while trying to apply existing standards wherever possible. In addition to demand ...
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Triplen harmonics not appearing in the output of DigSilent PowerFactory 2021

I am running simulations for harmonics resulting from the connection of an offshore wind farm to the main grid on DigSilent PowerFactory 2021 SP3. I am using a script to run multiple scenarios and ...
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How to make a power quality analyzer/meter?

I want to make a device (like Fluke 434/435) to get the electrical power supply's:- Total harmonic distortions. Amplitude of different harmonics. My aim is to measure the quality of the power supply ...
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Do energy storage systems really improve the quality of the energy?

I know that an ESS (energy storage system) improve power quality issues avoiding interruptions, controlling the voltage and the frequency, injecting reactive power into the grid thanks to the ...
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Capturing mains AC waveform with audio recording device

I'm wondering how practical (read: safe) it would be to use an audio capture device to "record" a mains AC signal for the purposes of monitoring the characteristics of the AC sine wave. I am ...
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What is the physical meaning of reactive power in non-sinusoidal steady-state (with harmonics)?

In sinusoidal steady-state (linear loads, no harmonics), I understand what is reactive power \$Q = V_{\text{rms}} I_{\text{rms}} \sin{(\theta)}\$ where \$\theta = \theta_v - \theta_i\$: its absolute ...
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If interharmonics are defined for periodic signals, aren't interharmonics misleading?

Before explaining my question, I'm going to assume that 1) interharmonics, just like harmonics, are sinusoids; and 2) to analytically represent the interharmonics of a signal, we sum them to the ...
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When a signal has an interharmonic, is the signal periodic or non-periodic?

I have some questions regarding interharmonics. What I'm going to do is first ask just a few, and then as people answer them I would expand this post or create a new question. Harmonics are sinusoids ...
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compare half-bridge drivers IC for maximizing the quality/price

I selected a couple of Half-Bridge Drivers Gate for my BLDC project from well-known companies they nearly have the same specifications for my Mosfets such as voltage operation and Temperature range As ...
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High vs Low audio transistor hFE (DC Current Gain). Which is better?

I'd like to preface by saying Rest in Peace my SoundBlasterX's back-panel transistors. What I tried to do, shown in the images below was ground the copper heatsinks I had glued onto the metal side of ...
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Understanding equation for the quality factor of an RLC circuit?

In my textbook for a course on Circuit Analysis I came across an equation for the quality-factor of an RLC circuit. However, I don't quite understand their reasoning. The explanation that follows is a ...
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Should I use a voltage regulator on a desktop computer? [closed]

Should I use a energy regulator on a desktop computer? I would like to know if I should use an energy regulator on my desktop, since I live in Brazil northeast region and I'm not sure about the ...
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How to decide where to place devices for power quality handeling [closed]

In a facility that experienced voltage sags where 175 KVA of the load is sensitive, and we are asked to implement MG set or flywheels to handle the power quality issues. where should the MG set/ ...
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what causes voltage harmonics

People keep telling me that Nonlinear loads causes current harmonics and when i ask them about what causes voltage harmonics, they tell me wherever there is current harmonics there is voltage ...
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How to compensate for grid quality changes in three phase power

Suppose I measure both current and voltage going to an electric motor. So that I have two continuous streams of three phase data (current and voltage). I want to use this data to diagnose potential ...
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Can a AC generator be powered by D.C.?

I have a very specific need. I need to avoid a VFD due to its square waves - my research requires exact sinwave frequencies of electrical current. With that said I have a Tesla turbine which powers ...
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Measuring Q and Bandwidth of an RLC series circuit using Oscilloscope

I have a HNC Lab assignment coming up. As part of the prep for the lab work we have been given an RLC series circuit for which we had to calculate some values such as volt drop , Wn, Q and Bs, which I'...
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Microcontroller power directly from SMPS DC-DC (SPR01 series) - is it OK?

Is it OK to supply power durectly from 5V SMPS DC-DC converter? Of course I will put several capacitors: at the DC-DC output (I'd put 1uF or something), at the controller power input(s) (I'd put ...
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What is the difference between voltage UNBALANCE and voltage IMBALANCE?

I'm a Brazilian (so not a native English speaker) who just came across the user guide of a power quality analyser which has, among its features, measurement of both "voltage unbalance" as well as "...
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How do residential analog and smart meters measure power?

I'm building my own digital meter in order to upload the data to a SQL database; up until now I know that there are several parameters being measured into a digital watt-meter: volts, current, ...
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What is the physical/electrical limit of audio quality?

A few days ago I was in a class about electronics on my study. The first lesson was an introduction into the main subject, bits, analog signals, conversion, etc. An example was asked by the teacher: ...
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Using triacs to switch more complex equipment than just motors and lights?

Obviously triacs have been well known to be used in applications which don't really require a perfect sine wave to function. However, what about say a triac to switch on and off more complicated ...
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