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Can I simulate wireless charging on PLECS?

I want to check the voltage fluctuation according to the separation distance of the transmitting/receiving coil on PLECS. So I used the following block. I made it through this block as follows. With ...
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Total newb trying to build a wireless power transfer system for terrarium water pump

I am needing to build a induction based wireless power transfer system that I can use to power a small aquarium pump through the glass base of a very tall vase. I have been researching this for about ...
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How do power grid operators regulate the power flowing through their networks?

My question: How do grid and transmission line operators regulate the amount of power flowing in their networks, both to utilize the network optimally and to enact delivery policies like those in the ...
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What would happen if a superconducting power line were hit by lightning?

I recently read an article on EETimes, discussing superconducting power lines to increase transmission efficiency by 5-10% due to nearly zero ohmic resistance. They state that normal power lines ...
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Power Transmitting and Receiving from antenna of same frequency? [closed]

I want to ask something about power transmitting and accepting. If we have a source antenna of 2.45GHz and a receiver antenna of 900MHz. Could the receiver accept the power transmitting by the source? ...
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What exactly carries energy in a transformer from primary to secondary? [duplicate]

Suppose we have applied a voltage to a transformer with an open secondary, we will get a certain flux in the core and a certain voltage at the secondary depending upon the turns ratio. Now, suppose we ...
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how to calculate the maximum power transfer? (specific exercise example included)

I have a hard time figuring out how to calculate the maximum power transfer.. Can anyone help? I understand that you need to calculate the thevenin resistance by killing the sources and summing the ...
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Digital regulator for DCM Boost - How does it relate to duty cycle?

I really hope someone can help me here, I'm tearing my hair out trying to bridge the gap between control theory and electronics. My aim is to control a discontinuous conduction mode boost converter ...
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How can the maximum average power transfer be negative in a power delivery circuit?

It is possible that the Thevenin resistance \$R_{Th}\$ of a circuit is negative. This occurs in non-linear circuits. Likewise, in AC circuits, the real part of \$Z_{Th}\$ can be negative. For AC ...
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Why can't we operate at high frequencies (>0.5GHz) when having a resonant inductive coupling circuit?

I am currently trying to figure out if a high frequency (GHz) resonant inductive coupling circuit would be feasible and efficient when wirelessly transferring power. Through many research papers, ...
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Simple maximum power transfer question

I am asked to determine what the unknown component (Zs) is. I know that the maximum power theorem states (after derivation) that the $$P_{\text{load}}=\frac{V_{\text{th}^2}}{4R_{\text{th}}}$$ I ...
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Can I use an AC motor to generate electricity which is mounted to a bicycle by a belt or I need it to be a DC motor?

I am trying to build a generator connected to a heater (250 Watts = 0.335HP). The energy goes to the motor from a bicycle. So the question is: should I use an AC motor or a DC one?
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Wireless power transmission circuit component functions description

I came across this circuit diagram above and I want to implement it but I really need an explanation on the function of the components used in the circuit diagram especially RFC and the diodes (D1 and ...
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How to transfer electrical power from stationary to rotational part.that can be used for POV display?

I have been researching how to transfer electrical power from stationary to rotational part. Some of them showed the means by using slip spring rings like in this website
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