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Anything related to power supply pre-regulation circuits. A pre-regulator is a circuit that performs preliminary voltage regulation before feeding its output to the final regulator. This is used to improve the characteristics of the overall regulation circuitry. This is relevant for both linear and switching pre-regulators.

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Setting a step-down regulator to provide constant drop on the following linear regulator

I would like to have a clean output from a linear regulator (variable 1-5V) but also a small heatsink on it, so I thought about placing a ready-to-use step-down module before it, and to wire it so ...
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triac controlled voltage preregulator (mains)

At present I am rebuilding an 1990 Elektor powersupply with a triac controlled preregulator able to handle inductive loads. My intention is to modernise the design but first I want it to be ...
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Parametric stabilizer circuit optimization for reducing ripple

We have a TV mainboard that will be used in cars. The input voltage will have lots of noise and not be regulated well. So we want to use a parametric stabilizer at the 12V input. Acumulator voltage ...
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SMPS Pre Regulator Minimum load

I am designing a 30 V 5 A lab bench power supply having SMPS as a pre-regulator for the linear stage which will keep the SMPS output always 4 V higher than the main output voltage. This means SMPS ...
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Pre-regulator sizing

I want to make a voltage regulator for a symmetric power rail +30/-30V. The idea is to use an LM317 and an LM337. I want to be able to regulate with a Vin that can go up to +60V (and -60 and negative ...
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Dual switching power supply with centre tap transformer [closed]

I'm making an adjustable power supply, constant voltage/current and all that jazz, and I'm trying to make everything as small and portable as possible, avoiding bulky heatsinks, and using a switching ...
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