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Pure Sine Inverters and Transformer Selection

So I'm trying to design a 24V to 110V pure sine wave inverter, which I'd like to be able to do 2000W to handle running my portable A/C on battery. I get the whole H-Bridge MOSFET concept, and even ...
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Resistance dependent pricing for resistors

Does anybody know of any reasons that the 560 Ohm resistor is so much cheaper than the other values? It does not appear to be a trend of price increasing or decreasing with resistance since there are ...
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Any advantage in AC-DC or DC-DC with past, large form factor semiconductors?

I want to clarify this question with my real-world example: Say you have a device which contains some AC-DC converter (or DC-DC) for rather high power specs (10 kW up to 300 kW, not in the same ...
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How to evaluate the reliability of a PCB-printing service?

I had a talk with a friend the other day who told me that he had many issues with PCB-manufacturers in China (copying his product, long delivery times, bad quality) and that he had to sell his company ...
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IC Price Discrepancies (General Information) [closed]

Looking for some insight into what drives IC price discrepancies across suppliers. Espcially comparing places like digikey and mouser to aliexpress For example: I'm looking into buying Maxim ...
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The current state of UVC LED technology

I saw this kickstarter for a self cleaning water bottle. It's a pretty good idea, and is physically plausible, but I'm a bit skeptical about their UVC LED. UVC LEDs do exist (and they have a picture ...
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How is it possible for ICs to be so cheap? [closed]

I was looking at a selection of sensors on Digi-Key and I notices that while there are definitely a lot of expensive ones, there's also plenty of really cheap ones. For example, there's a gyroscope ...
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Building your own camera module [closed]

I would like to know how difficult it is to build your own camera module. For instance, how difficult would it be to assemble the Raspberry Pi camera module from scratch? The reason I'm interested ...
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Why Cadence not revealing their prices for their software product? [closed]

I contacted the Cadence office as a PhD student and also a faculty member to inquiry their price for an academic license. After 8 emails back and forth I noticed that they are not willing to answer ...
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What features give reason for such a wide range of prices for digital multi-meters?

Ever since high school, I've been using the same multi-meter. It works well for low voltage purposes, but I'm scared to use it for anything else (high voltage, unless it's a little zap from an ...
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Why are some products not priced openly? [closed]

OK - maybe this is meta, so feel free to move it. I am looking for a 100 Ohm precision calibration standard. Seems a number of companies do them but all (so far) have a "Call for price". Why? Why can'...
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How are some modules priced ridiculously low?

I am planning on carrying out a design using the CP2102 Interface IC. The cheapest price I can source (for bulk purchase of 1500 parts) is from Digikey at 2.34$/piece. A price of 2.34$ is ...
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Less expensive galvanometers (or alternatives)

I am working on prototyping a product and the ideal solution, from similar designs, seems to be using galvanometers, specifically mirror galvanometers. In doing my research the majority of ...
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Why are SMT electrolyic capacitors so much more expensive than their through-hole counterparts?

I noticed recently that there's a large discrepancy in price between electrolytic caps that are surface mount and those that are through-hole, particularly at higher working voltages. Here's a good ...
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Using distribution transformers vs direct connection to primary switch gear

I am trying to learn more about transformers and low voltage electrical distribution. Say you have a medium sized industrial building with a primary switchboard feeding several load centers ...
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Why should one buy through digikey or element14? [closed]

I quite often find that digikey or element14 have quite expensive pricing for the parts, right now I'm looking for memory chips and compare it to ebay sellsers:
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How to tell if an electronic component is counterfeit?

I've been looking into sites (like Alibaba, etc...) for components, but they are usually at the price of the rain. How can someone know if a company or factory is not a scam and that those components ...
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Is it possible to make illegal clones of an Intel Core i7?

The reason I'm asking is that on you can find prices for the Core i7 as low as $20, minimum quantity 1. This looks like impossibly low for a genuine Intel, but then I also can't ...
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Why are some mp3 players so expensive?

I have noticed that mp3 players around the 32Gb area seem to be fairly expensive; I haven't seen any for less than £150. Conversely, players with smaller storage can be found at a much lower price, ...
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Price History of FPGA

My goal is to extrapolate (or estimate) the future prices of FPGAs and/or ASICs. Does anyone know of the price history of FPGAs or ASICs? I am looking for a source of information. I know that today ...
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Why do Solid State Relays cost so much?

Solid State Relay (SSR) Crydom CN240A24: Eur 10.72 Same function with basic components Optocoupler MOC3043 (zero-crossing detect, triac out): Eur 0.726 Triac BTA06-600CWRG (snubberless): ...
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What's the difference between 24AA1025, 24FC1025 and 24LC1025

24AA1025: operates from 1.7V - 5.5V, 400kHz, $2.37 24FC1025: operates from 2.5V - 5.5V, 1 MHz, $2.37 24LC1025: operates from 2.5V - 5.5V, 400kHz, $2.37 See here. 24AA1025 is unique, because of the ...
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