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What is the sign convention for the primary counter balancing current of a 2-winding transformer?

In a two winding 1-phase transformer on load, Primary Current(I1) = No Load Current(Io) + Primary Counter Balancing Current(I2') So, We get I1 = Io + I2' We know I2' = K*I2, where K is the turns ratio ...
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1 answer

Which is the correct diagram to obtain only a 240 V secondary output from a 480 V primary for a transformer rated at 480-240/120 V?

I know the answer I just wanted to know what A, and C were if I put my meter across. Could someone also show me where I'd put my meter leads? Or if those are dud/fake transformers.
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2 answers

Do Grainger/Stevenson incorrectly describe an equivalent circuit for a transformer?

The equivalent circuit for a transformer, as shown above, is supposed to be consistent with the following equations: \begin{align} \small{\mathrm{Equation~2.22:}}~V_1&=(r_1+j\omega L_{11})I_{1} + (...
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