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Why do material makers call the dielectric constant "Dk" rather than "D.c."?

Why do material makers call the dielectric constant "Dk" rather than "D.c."? Is it kind of German? Something like Dielektrische Konstante? It is actually called a ...
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Altium mechanical layers not showing up in layer selection

edit: I'm dumb I realized I could just press "l" and manually add in the mechanical layers I need I have a few .PcbLib documents, and all but one of them I am able to select lines, polygons, ...
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Is it possible to mirror the Net label in Altium 20.1.12?

The x and y hotkeys work for other components, but not the net label, which according to the 17.1 and 20.2 official website guide should work. I've also gone into the properties tab of the net label, ...
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Unknown PSU blown capacitor [closed]

Hi, I have a 1988 laptop with a blown PSU capacitor (was located in c10). The capacitor still barely reads 395 (which an online calculator says means 3.9uf) and +35k which means 35v(?). 1) How ...
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How can I change all existing designator font sizes on PCB in Altium?

When I select multiple designators and when I select "properties" - only one designator changes. I have same problem with setting other parameters on multiple objects. How can I change all existing ...
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