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How to export values to TXT file in STM32CubeIDE

I have a code for ADC: (STM32F407) ...
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ESP32 program completely halts when serial terminal is disconnected

My platform is ESP32-wroom (Devkit v1 board). ESP-IDF 5.0 on Win10. I've been using PuTTY to monitor the ESP32's serial log and output (the main serial where all the diagnostic info goes, not the ...
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Putty won't allow me to type. Can only type the letter 'A'

I connected a SIM7605CE module to the PC (Image shown below). I downloaded and installed all the necessary firmware for the device. I connected the device to a 5V DC power supply and connected it to ...
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Can I send an SSH command via Nucleo Board?

I'm in a very embryonal phase of my project, so I'm just putting the pillar on possible solutions. I'd like to have an opinion or suggestion by experts about this question: For the above-mentioned ...
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Need help finding pin layout diagram for GSM module (SIM800c RPi development board)

I'm having a bit of a conundrum. I bought a SIM800c development board off of ebay but the pins are not labeled at all and I have no idea which pins Rx and Tx are. I really want to hook it up to my COM ...
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PIC32 receives/transmits improper data on serial port

I have referred to configure the UART and send/receive data between PC(Putty) and my PIC32MZ. The demo program in the link receives ...
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FTDI USB to serial communication issue

I am using an FTDI USB to Serial cable to read the startup log of a board. The FTDI cable is not reading the correct information coming from the board. Here is some of the information that I am seeing ...
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2 answers

Can you send RS232 messages to yourself in PuTTY?

Say you use PuTTY serial mode and a USB to RS232 cable. Can you send messages to yourself if you wire the TX of the cable back to its RX, not haphazardly, there's probably a bit more set up detail. I'...
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8 votes
1 answer

Unexpected Atmega16 response over UART

Unexpected Atmega16 response over UART Brief problem summary I have flashed an Atmega16 with code that should result in the Atmega16 sending back whatever character I send to it via a terminal. I ...
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5 votes
3 answers

ESP8266-12E MicroPython Unable to access REPL (Python prompt)

I am trying to install MIcroPython Firmware on my ESP8266-12E chip. I am using to flash the firmware. I have successfully uploaded the firmware ...
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2 answers

Difference between PuTTY Serial and Modbus

I am trying to communicate with a PM810 power meter using Modbus-RTU protocol with the RS-485 standard over 175 meters of CAT5e STP cable. It's less than ideal, but it's the situation I'm working with....
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3 answers

Cannot establish communication through RS232 to a digital scale

I am an electrical engineering senior student and I think I tried everything. Here is the case: (no i am not using the USB to RS232 convertors) I bought a digital scale that can send the weight ...
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UART Communication with PuTTY

I am struggling to understand how to work with UART interface between microcontrollers. I don't know if this happens because I can't understand how it works or because I manipulate it in a wrong way. ...
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