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On-topic questions related to Python would include embedded programming, using it as a tool for circuit analysis, or how Python interacts with computational hardware. Questions about libraries, algorithms, syntax, or code optimization should be directed to

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LTspice automation

I have a battery-powered boost converter and I'm attempting to measure the maximum input (battery) voltage droop under various load conditions of high current draws (different duty-cycles/...
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ESP8266 eLUA (NodeMCU) vs MicroPython

I am searching for an unbiased, up-to-date comparison of the eLUA (NodeMCU) and MicroPython on ESP8266. I can only find very superficial reports/blogs of users trying out one or the other. - All of ...
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Is there a spice directive to export waveform data in LTspice? The above web-page explains how to export the waveform data to a text file. You basically run the LTspice simulation, clicking on the waveform window, go to ...
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How to read an already existing NgSpice raw file

This has taken me a couple of days to solve. I have a set of NgSpice raw files that I would like to exploit so as to visualize the voltage distributions in ...
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Can a computer control up to 10 motor drivers directly via the CANopen communication protocol? [closed]

I guess my question was not so clear, so I am editing now. I want to make CNC software. while doing this, I do not want to use any motion controller, PLC, FPGA, etc... I use three items. 1-USB to CAN ...
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Why am I detecting two I2C addresses on the same board, and why do neither of them appear in the datasheet?

I have this MIKROE board wired up to an S2 Feather via the SDA and SCL pins. The MIKROE board is powered by the Feather via <...
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ESP8266-12E MicroPython Unable to access REPL (Python prompt)

I am trying to install MIcroPython Firmware on my ESP8266-12E chip. I am using to flash the firmware. I have successfully uploaded the firmware ...
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Am I using Shannon-Hartley Theorem and thermal noise correctly here?

I'm trying to learn about noise, sensitivity, and the Shannon-Hartley theorem, and I'm using some specs for a LoRa node IC to try it out. The Shannon-Hartley theorem says that the maximum data rate \$...
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JFET Id calculation mismatch in SPICE

I'm simulating the following circuit in PySpice: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab In this configuration, the N-JFET is always in saturation mode, as you can see by the ...
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I fried my Raspberry Pi while using L298N but I don't understand why

Everything seems to indicate that I fried my raspberry pi: the green light wouldn't turn on, I changed the SD card for a new one but it still didn't work. That is a shame because I was having a lot ...
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start a LTSpice simulation using code in MacOS

Help me please, I'm looking for the solution how to automate spice simulation with python on MacOS, currently, I'm thinking to use LTspice. However, I'm open to any proposal. I want to make ...
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Will this circuit work on a Raspberry Pi?

There a lot of articles on websites regarding the use of LDRs connected to a Raspberry Pi. As an example, using an ADC or using a built in library. I'm interested with my own design below and since I ...
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How do I invoke pymcuprog?

I have successfully created an ATtiny406 binary using avr-gcc in Linux, and I can program it to the device via Atmel-ICE under Atmel Studio in Windows, and it ...
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Are my equations correct for a simple lithium ion battery model in Python?

I am trying to create a simple battery model in Python based on the RC circuit from, I have attached ...
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