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Formula for Q of a parallel tank circuit

We have defined the Q as the following: Now I tried to apply that to the parallel tank circuit, I get : $$Q = RC\omega_0 + \frac{R}{\omega L}$$ However in the lecture notes and the textbook the ...
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Functional discrepancy within PCBA batch

When manufacturing a small prototype batch of an embedded system at EMS I have detected different behavior between the units. All units work as expected, except that some units fail to operate same ...
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What are the invisible reasons why many discrete transistors do not qualify for automotive use?

I looked today at the datasheets of this unqualified and this qualified product (per the AEC-Q101 automotive standard) and found no substantial difference, but I assume some stress damages only the ...
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How to monitor Ethernet packet loss real time on different connections?

For an embedded application we have a network with star topology, where we want to determine if there is packet loss for the different point-to-point (SMAC => DMAC) connections. We consider ...
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Why does the quality factor include 2*pi?

The quality factor is defined as the ratio of stored energy and dissipated energy (see below). The formula includes \$2\pi\$ as a constant coefficient. Why do we need \$2\pi\$ to calculate the stored ...
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How to perform quality assurance? [closed]

The site description is given as "Q&A for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts" and I'm interested in "QA for electronics". Though I ...
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On the topic of Quality factor in arbitrary RLC resonance circuits

In question Quality factor in arbitrary RLC resonance circuits, the OP asks about the Q of more complex circuits other than simple series or parallel RLC topologies. The responses I read, in ...
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1-port VNA quality factor measurement

I am using an Anritsu VNA (MS2034B) to obtain the LINEAR MAGNITUDE and PHASE of S11 via a calibrated 1-port measurement. The DUT is an inductively coupled RLC resonator (schematic below). However, I ...
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Q factor of higher order circuit

I am trying to understand the concept of Q factor for higher order circuit. Consider the circuit as shown in the figure I calculated Zin using Matlab and the transfer function looks as follows: $$Zin(...
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If a PCB is inspected to an IPC-A-600 class higher than specified what are the negative impacts?

I have received several parts from a PCB manufacturer which should have been inspected to IPC-A-600 Class 2 but were instead inspected to IPC-A-600 Class 3. I believe I have received PCBs inspected to ...
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Measuring experimentally the poles parameters

I have the following Sallen & Key lowpass filter: $$T(s)=\frac{\frac{1}{R_1R_2C_1C_2}}{s^2+(\frac{1}{C_1R_1}+\frac{1}{C_1R_2})s+\frac{1}{R_1R_2C_1C_2}}$$ The parameters values are $$R_1=10 k\Omega$...
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Designing a filter: does the order i which we cascade the sections matter?

So I am designing a 4th order lowpass filter using two biquadratic sections. I decided to split the gain evenly between both sections. After some calculations, one of the sections has a quality factor ...
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What to check for when buying an electronic component or module

This has been raised as a canonical Q and A for future reference How can I acquire electronic parts/items/modules and ensure that there is minimal risk of them being unsuitable for my project or ...
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Is it reasonable to qualify a component by testing only?

Just got assigned (sole) responsibility of a major product group in my company. I have discovered that we regularly use components outside of their specifications, and justify that by testing the ...
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