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Multiple wire type objects declaration Verilog

I get an error everytime I try to use the same line to declare more than one wire type, is this because they are of different size (but I get the error even when they're of the same size, declaring ...
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How to set QuestaSim/ModelSim to print time value in arbitrary unit?

Here is the code: ...
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How to randomize the seed-number in Modelsim?

In EDA-Playground, I know that we use +ntb_random_seed_automatic to randomize the seed number. However, I'm not sure how I'd go about doing that in Modelsim so that I have a random seed number. I was ...
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For QuestaSim, what's the difference between vsim.exe and vsimk.exe? [closed]

For QuestaSim, what's the difference between vsim.exe and vsimk.exe under C:\questasim64_2020.4\win64\vsimk.exe? for some reason, in order to invoke QuestaSim in batch mode from the Powershell prompt, ...
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Syntax error in SystemVerilog based UVM testbench

I have been getting the following syntax error on compilation- ...
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Error with Assert statement in Verilog

I have the following assert statement in a for loop, which is within a generate block: ...
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Is there a way to define enumeration for certain signals after simulation?

I have run some verilog simulations in questa simulator and while viewing the waveforms i see that it would have been easier for me to debug the signals had there been some enums defined for them (To ...
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VHDL: reading integers from a text file, storing them in array, and writing in text format again

In a certain simulation testbench using questasim, I am trying to read the files with integers numbers which looks like, ...
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A question about randomization in verilog

I am now working on a verilog testbench file and I want to get a random value in my code, but I have found that Questa Sim uses the same seed again and again. I have read through $random in Verilog ...
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Is there a way to suppress the output when compiling multiple vhd files except for errors?

I have a compilation script I run before simulating on QuestaSim 10.7: ...
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VHDL: Non-locally static choice warning

I have the following code: constant HALF_RANGE: unsigned(RANGE_WIDTH-1 downto 0) := (RANGE_WIDTH-1 => '1', others=>'0'); where RANGE_WIDTH is a generic of ...
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"Numeric value exceeds 32-bit capacity" error in QuestaSim

In the testbench for a SystemVerilog module, I have the following array declaration and initialization: ...
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ModelSim: Why can't I see generics in simulation?

When I start simulation, I can see signals and ports in the objects window for what I have selected in the Sim window. Besides this, I can see processes for the same thing in the processes window. ...
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