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Anything related to RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) systems, their operations and circuits. RADAR systems are used to detect and locate a target by sweeping a beam of microwaves across a region of space and detecting echo signals reflected by the target.

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Will radar/lidar still work when every car is equipped with them?

Self driving cars rely on cameras, radar, and lidar to recognize the environment around them. Cameras of course don't interfere with each other, since they are passive sensors. Since a signal ...
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Why are sound waves the best choice for many location detectors?

I'm currently working on my high school final project, which is basically a radar. I'm using the SRF05 detector to detect objects that are near the surface of the device. My current assignment is to ...
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Radar received RF signal phase-shifted by 90 to obtain I/Q signals

I am trying to get idea how marine radar works before start any repairing process. And this part confused me, most articles that i saw explain that in mixing stage we obtain I/Q signals using LO ...
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Why use convolution for pulse compression in radar instead of correlation?

I have not understood the way to process pulse compression in radar signal processing. I think it's correct to use correlation for pulse compression, but I saw many materials about pulse compression. ...
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ADC and DSP Requirements for FMCW Radar

I am building an FMCW radar that has a bandwidth of 1 GHz. The IF frequency is up to 1 MHz. Would the ADC requirements simply be that it has to b 2 times the IF frequency of 1 MHz? If that's the case ...
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Signal processing of an IVQ-3005 Radar Module

I'm going to use that module for detecting range, velocity and angle, for that radar. So I have read a lot ...
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Analog Signal HC SR04 [closed]

I am very interested in this project: Sonar HC-SR04 analog output. Multipoint Sonar Radar I have not much experience in electronics and don't know where I have to connect my wire on the Ultrasonic ...
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