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Why are smaller ratio current transformers physically larger than bigger ratio current transformers?

During a presentation on current transformers yesterday, something came up that I really didn't start considering until today. The presenter said one of the biggest issues with using smaller ratio ...
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Is there a practical use for the Fibonacci sequence or similar fractal/sequence in Electrical Engineering?

One use of Fractal Engineering is in Fractal Antennas: An Overview of Fractal Antenna Engineering Research Abstract: Recent efforts by several researchers around the world to combine fractal geometry ...
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voltage transfer ratio

I painted the currents, used the first Kirchhoff's law and got the expression: Next, I need to find the voltage transfer coefficient (Ku), that is, the ratio of the output voltage to the input ...
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What is the importance of peak factor and form factor?

I get that form factor and peak factor are suppose to be ratios involving the RMS, maximum and average values of current or voltage for AC circuits, but I don't get specifically why those ratios are ...
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9 V to 360 V via boost converter?

So I'm fairly new to electronics and I wanted to make a boost converter. I was trying to get 360 V from 9 V and ran my circuit through LTSpice and EveryCircuit but it didn't seem to work. It's a ...
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Impact of Transformer Ratio to Performance of Transformer

Based on my initial calculation, the primary inductance of my transformer will be around Lp = 351uH. This 351uH is designed with switching frequency of 55kHz for AC-DC flyback converter (DCM). By ...
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Doubt on PSRR calculation and result

I designed the following circuit in Cadence Virtuoso: It is a two stages op-amp with a compensation network (resistor and capacitor). VDD=1.8 V, VCM=900 mV, VB2=1.28 V. The DC gain is ...
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