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For question looking for reference (books, articles, online-resources) for a specific topic or application.

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IV curve arithmetic - reference request

When playing around with electrical concepts in my head, I realized that the IV characteristic of any combination of elements, in series or in parallel, can be computed by simply adding the IV curves ...
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Visualize antenna radiation pattern [closed]

I am looking for a free tool or codebase to visualize 2d and 3d antenna radiation patterns, as in the picture below: Bonus points if open source. My goal is to visualise common antenna patterns in 2d ...
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Power method for approximation of eigenvector representing steady state

I've been testing a method of circuit simulation where I assign an initial voltage to each node, set the current across each wire according to Ohm's law, and then adjust the voltage of each node ...
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Are there manufacturers of bulk materials with specific electromagnetic properties?

For the purpose of testing some antennas, I am looking for a manufacturer of materials with specific dielectric constants and loss tangents. I have been googling for å few hours, but either I do not ...
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Aiken code- any actual (recent) use?

A search for Aiken code (2-4-2-1 binary coded decimal) yields many web pages and a video with a lecturer claiming (in virtually identical language- this is from Wikipedia) (emphasis added): The code ...
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Incomplete circuit diagrams: how to draw equivalent circuit diagrams?

Generally what I see in textbook problems is a diagram like this: These contain open terminals all over (like the V_CC terminal and the capacitor terminal in this particular case) which makes it ...
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Have cross reference books ceased to exist?

Back in the "good old times" when I had a device fail I could grab my trusty old transistor cross reference book and find a replacement part with the same footprint and comparable parameters ...
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Does the ESP32's ADC have a part number/datasheet of its own?

I need to get as much information as I can about this ADC and I wasn't able to find ample amount of it from the datasheet and reference manual of the ESP32-WROOM-DevKit. Did anyone manage to find the ...
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Where can I find information on interfacing an MCU with an HDMI display? [closed]

I am just starting the process of creating a product that will have an HDMI display (not chosen), but I don't quite know where to start. I have never delved into the realm of Displays, and don't know ...
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Two wires for both digital data transmission and energy supply at the same time - used anywhere?

Are there any real-life examples for connecting sensors or embedded systems using just two wires that are simultaneously used for both for the energy supply and digital data transmission? I'm ...
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What is the difference between a conventional capacitor and a supercapacitor?

A prototypical capacitor consists of two electrodes in parallel separated by a nonconducting dielectric material. What is the difference between a conventional capacitor and a supercapacitor? It seems ...
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Why do point contact diodes use wire whiskers?

I've recently been learning about the operating principles of various semiconductor devices, and I've run into difficulty regarding the point contact/metal-semiconductor diode. I can't find out why ...
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Is there application note or white paper with an in-depth explanation or best practices for how to size PCB bed of nails test points?

Ideally a reference for small boards: The board that will be tested is 10 x 20 mm, and it's crowded. It doesn't have a lot of real estate left for test pads. All I know is to look up IEEE papers: ...
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Reference Request: RF and EM books with a simulation componet [closed]

Does anyone have any book recommendations on EM and RF which integrates a simulator? I find EM/RF to be interesting fields which I want to get some overview of but given that it's very applied in ...
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Digital circuit that squares a 4-bit input

Many years ago, I found a digital circuit that squares a 4-bit input in an old textbook (perhaps 1970s or 1980s, possibly older). (The figure below is not the original figure. I think the figure below ...
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Logic operation on Karnaugh Maps?

Question: Normally I find Karnaugh Map of an expression from its truth table, but can we have Logic operation on two Karnaugh Maps ? Update:
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Parameter extraction of MOSFET

I need to extract the parameters of MOSFET to study how all these parameters are getting affected by stress on silicon chips. If you guyz have good reference from which I can look into this topic?
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Microvolt to milivolt/volt amplifier with common components

Suppose one has access to common components and gear only : basic milivolt multimeter, badly regulated supply, linear regulators, 1% resistors, common BJT/FET, voltage references like LM431 or zener ...
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Why use marks on the PCB solder layer?

I was studying a Texas Instrument reference board and would like to understand some topologies and PCB routing techniques. The project is a 230-V, 3.5-kW PFC with >98% Efficiency. Here's the ...
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EPROM memory - the theoretical possibility of recovering data from memory after erasing the exposure with ultraviolet light?

I have a small question. We have a EPROM memory. Is there a theoretical possibility of recovering data from memory after deleting with ultraviolet light? Is this theoretically possible? Or maybe it ...
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How to Improve my Computer Architecutre and Design skills? [closed]

Though my undergraduation was in Computer Science but I like to believe that I am more of an embedded systems enthusiast and I am comfortable in reading datasheets and timing diagrams. But this was ...
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What is the main carrier in a semiconductor with n-type material being electrons and p-type materials being holes?

Not even gonna lie this is for a crossword. it is a 15 letter word. I have searched online, in my textbooks and I cannot figure out what it is. Closest I've found is Extrinsic Semiconductor but it's ...
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What is a CAN bus channel?

I'm a novice to CAN; however, I've hooked things up before via a CAN bus. From my point of view, it's all just fields of data. I'm trying to move away from my pure-C upbringing and embrace (however ...
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Why DAC ic costs as much as a clone arduino [closed]

I'm using the mcp4822 DAC and i'm very satisfied for controlling voltages in my circuits. But I wonder why the chip costs from 1 to 4 euro when a clone arduino costs around 3.50e. Because I'm ...
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What are the best old electrical appliances to extract electronic components from? [closed]

I would like to build some simple drones and robots which I will be controlling using a microcontroller. Instead of buying expensive brand new components, I prefer to look for old electrical ...
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How does sender and receiver clock time periods synchronize in data communication?

In asynchronous data communication, Initiation of data communication between two stations(sender and receiver) involves synchronizing their clocks to ensure both stations are agreed upon same bit ...
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Is capacitor reactance [sometimes] defined with negative sign?

Wikipedia currently claims so but I've looked in 6 books via Google Books and it's not defined like that, i.e. it's just $$ X_c = \frac{1}{\omega C} = \frac{1}{2\pi f C} $$ Is Wikipedia full of ...
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Exact definition of overshoot

I am a computational biologist and am working on some aspects of control theory in biological systems. Since control theory concepts are not well known among biologists, I need a good standard ...
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How to quantify the health of an electronic appliance according to its power consumption? [closed]

Is there any ways to quantify the health of an electronic appliance according to its power consumption?
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Need Programmer's Reference Manual TI Stellaris LM4F120H5QR

Just searched the Texas Instruments' website for LM4F120H5QR Programmer's Reference Manual Found nothing. Example... While stepping through some code, I come ...
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Logic Gate Cookbook [closed]

Is there a concise book that brings together all of the different Logic devices that can be implemented with basic logic gates? I have several digital/computer architecture books that have the ...
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Active Filter topologies resources

For a class I have to filter out two signals separately and demodulate them (AM) before processing them any further. The only topology we have seen so far for active filters is the versatile Sallen-...
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Can a combinatorial hardware circuit with no inputs solve a crypto problem?

I am noob at electronics but in short I am interested in stable states of circuit with no inputs which represents a boolean formula. Let \$f\$ be some hash function, say md5. Restrict the size of ...
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The Art of Electronics - differences between book versions? There appears to be a couple of versions of the 2nd edition of this book. I noticed US and International ...
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Resources for ferromagnetics

I am looking for experimental data on the experimental strength of magnetic fields inside ferromagnetic materials. Here is what I mean. If all of the magnetic moments of the molecules are aligned in ...
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Is the registry file made from SRAM?

I study computer engineering and I read Hennessy's book about Computer Organization where it's described how the microprocessor does pipelining and that the microproceossor has on-chip cache, as much ...
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Programs resistant to hardware issues

I recall at one point reading about embedded development where the programmer took into account things like memory corruption and possibly other hardware issues. For example: If an instruction in ...
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What material and current do I need for a diy plant heater?

I want to heat my indoor plants with a DIY heater. I thought about using iron to heat up the soil, but I am not sure what material is the best for a heater. Also, what current would it need? Thank ...
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What's a reference text on analog design?

I'm looking for a intermediate text that covers (discrete) amplifier circuit theory using BJTs and FETs and circuit elements such as current mirrors, differential stages, feedback theory, etc. My ...
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Electrical and electronic engineering magazines [closed]

What electrical and electronic magazines can be recommended in order get up-to-date information about the latest technologies? I would like magazines listing from hardware hacking to proper ...