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Long distance light detection in daylight [closed]

I am attempting to develop a system that is linked with streetlight lamps. There are challenges that I can think of: Light sensing in daylight (or climate changing) situations. Long distance (20-30m) ...
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LT3080 remote sense options?

I am considering building a programmable power supply using LT3080 LDO. There are plenty of designs based on this IC, but I was unable to find the one with a true 4-wire (Kelvin) remote sense option. ...
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New Idea: On/Off Remote for iPad - but iPad can't boot! Suspect SENSE

I am installing a mini remote controlled switch in the iPad 8th Gen. The ideas is to be able to cut the power to the iPad at the battery using a remote control. 1st attempt: I wired up the remote ...
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How does this switching power supply sense line work?

I saw this design and was going to use it for my design. I have a few questions on how this was designed. I am showing two pictures. One is a simplified photo and the other is a more detailed photo. I ...
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Remote Sense Self Adjustable Power Supply

I been looking for an off the shelf power supply that can adjust its output voltage to compensate for losses, in my case in transmission line. Searching on DigiKey, I narrowed down my search to power ...
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IC for ultra-low power switching

I've previously used complimentary pairs (eg DMC2990UDJ) to switch ICs on and off. I've attached a schematic which switches a potential divider for battery voltage monitor as an example. Where R7 and ...
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Can I add a Sense connection to this power supply?

I have a synthesizer (Yamaha CS-50) and the power supply is broken. I don't know why but it always blows the fuse. I tried everything, changing components, testing the transformer, etc. The fault is ...
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Can a high current switching load damage a bench power supply?

I am powering an electronic speed controller (ESC) driving a BLDC from a bench supply capable of supplying 40V at 128A. The maximum load the ESC presents is 42A. The wires from the supply to my setup ...
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Why we can't copy car remote patterns?

I have a set top box remote that I can use to control set top box as well as TV by using the set button on my stb remote.That remote can copy any remote IR pattern but when I tried it on a car remote ...
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power supply remote sense protection resistor value?

There is often a 100 ohm resistor between the +sense and +ve and between the -sense and -ve outputs of bench power supplies. This protects the output from high voltage if the sense wires are ...
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