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How to generate evenly-spaced config voltages from standard DIP switches using only passive resistors?

I am designing a circuit involving an LTC4316, which is configured by providing one of sixteen analog voltages on each of the XORH and XORL pins to set the upper and lower nibbles of its configuration ...
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Adding level shifter circuit conflicts with other microcontroller peripherals

I'm working on a synthesizer with multiple functionalities (OLED I2C screen, encoder, audio, midi input, several keys input) on a Xiao RP2040. I wanted to add a PS2 keyboard input. RP2040 GPIO are 3....
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Determining poles and zeros from those of interconnected two-port networks

My goal is to find the poles and zeros of a large network. Specifically a cascade connection of series C's and shunt L's. One could also consider this a CL Ladder circuit. I am interested in ...
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Solving Resistor Array with Voltages at Nodes

Hello, I've been having a lot of trouble with this problem from my intro circuits class. The questions before this covered simplifying circuits by combining resistors. However, now that there's an ...
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Frequency-dependent behavior of a resistor in time domain simulation

I know for a fact that to take into account frequency-dependent behavior in time domain simulation, equivalent electrical networks that reproduce the same frequency behavior are used, as it happens, ...
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What is the point of this resistor network?

What is the purpose of this resistor network? Why not just use one resistor? or connect the cathode of RA93 diode directly to the mosfet drain (this mosfet is high side of the h-bridge). It seems to ...
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Any way to build Analogue Multiplexers using MOSFETs or JFETs or BJTs

Here's my requirement: I need an analogue switch that can do SPST/DPST/DPDT with very low On-Resistance (<10mOhms). There would be current flowing through this switch, albeit in the range of a <...
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Proving the output voltage of a resistor ladder only with usage of currents

I got the following problem. I would like to prove the the output voltage \$U_{aus}\$ of the following system. I only want to prove it by using currents. So I don't want to use the formula for a ...
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can I use a board that has resistor ladder buttons on raspberry pi?

I have a clock that has a circuit board with a resistor ladder setup for the buttons. I want to (disconnect the clock and) put a pi inside and use the buttons to control the pi. In normal use the ...
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Using resistor networks as voltage ladder

Are there resistor networks which could function as a pre-made voltage ladder? In other words are there variations on how the resistor network is assembled, ie in series or parallel? I've found these ...
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Designing a car steering wheel interface, need to distinguish between two resistor ladders on the same ADC

I am designing an interface for my car steering wheel to a Android head unit, using a Sparkfun Arduino Pro Micro to handle the USB side of things. The steering wheel buttons use three wires and a ...
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Resistor ladder with Same resistor value and different resistor value

Im trying to connect 8 buttons to Arduino Analog input. I found its good to use input shift registers. But with my very basic knowledge I end up with resistor ladder. But Im a bit confused with ...
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Logarithmically-spaced resistances using switches

If you want a linearly-spaced set of resistances, you can use a ladder of logarithmically-spaced resistors and short out different combinations, as described here. Is there a way to get a ...
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How to replace microswitches with electronic switches in a voltage / resistor ladder circuit

Hello everyone, I am relocating a pair of transmission control levers to a different location within a car. At present each lever actuates a pair of SPST microswitches (at the same time) ...
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Are there electrically controlled precision rheostats that are not solid state

I need precision variable resistors for a programmable analog computer that I'm trying to construct. An analog computer requires variable resistors that can be set with precision. I don't want to ...
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How do you interface with this sensor? MPS-2100series

I am trying to figure out how to get a reading from this sensor. At first look at the schematic, it thought it was wheatstone bridge, but at a closer look, it appears to be a resistor ladder type ...
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Closed form expression for a resistor ladder network

Is it possible to find a closed form expression for the resistance between A and B for the general n-section ladder network, below, where all resistors are \$\small 1\Omega\$? An iterative expression ...
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Programmable gain instrumentation amplifier with R-2R ladder and analog multiplexer

I want to build a programmable gain instrumentation amplifier with power of two possible gains (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x...). Is there a way to use a R-2R resistor ladder and an analog multiplexer in order to ...
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How to "push buttons" on voltage ladder?

I have a quite simple task I can't wrap my head around. I have an old home 5.1 sound system with optical input that plays sounds from my media center. Its remote broke, and while I tried to fix it, I ...
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A simple digital current sink for a fuel gauge?

I need to simulate a 1200Ω fuel sender with an arduino, so I can control the fuel gauge. The fuel gauge has one wire which it supplies with an unknown current and voltage, where the voltage is no ...
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