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Would a Variac improve the safety of experiments with old tech?

My little brother likes to salvage/experiment with old tech. Said old tech has to-date included tape recorders (probably nothing to worry about), slide projectors (these seem to blow fuses sometimes), ...
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Restoring and operating a temperature gauge from the Soviet space shuttle Buran

After the Soviet Buran (БУРАН) program was suspended in the late 1980s, the Buran space shuttle was housed in a hangar at Baikonur. That hanger unfortunately collapsed due to structural failure in ...
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Mystery Monochrome Monitor

I rescued an old monochrome monitor from the e-waste, but the cord had already been cut. So now I’m trying to see if I can get it working. I know… This is of an era that rather than have a connectors ...
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Cylindrical radio component identification

As a complete novice, probably out of my depth, I'm struggling to identify this component. It appears to be a fuse, there is no continuity across it when tested. Dimensions are; 7mm long, 2.5 wide (...
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What is the stuff hardened on an old flyback transformer?

I am restoring some vintage old Mac computers with the integrated CRT display. These have a flyback transformer on their analog board. Part of this device is some hardened brown/orange material at the ...
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