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7 Segment display driver

I came up with the circuit below to drive a single 7-segment display from an Arduino via a shift register (74LS595). Is the circuit correct/good enough or am I perhaps missing something critical in ...
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I created a textbook supplement for Electric Circuits. Am I missing anything critical? [closed]

Please note I have tried my best to follow the rules of posting and this post follows them as far as I know, thank you. **Edit: ** The course covers the following sections: Circuit Variables Circuit ...
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Help review my first arduino PCB: What did I do wrong? [closed]

EDIT: After taking all what you guys said into account, I edited the pcb into the following. Changed the FTDI while breaking the ground loops and working on the traces a bit, changed the size of the ...
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Design Review: 3.3V Logic to 12V Logic (Uni-directional and Bi-directional)

I'm looking for feedback and improvements on my design below. Specific questions are at the end. I created this as an attempt to answer my own, previous question. From my feedback there, it seems like ...
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Schematic review of power supply

Would you be so kind to point out any errors in this schematic or anything else to improve (layout and clarity also greatly appreciated). This is supposed to be the power/regulating/batterycutoff ...
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Grouping SUPPLY in Eagle

I'm designing my first schematic in Eagle, with the aim of getting some PCBs produced. Been perfboarding for a while, but new to using Eagle. I've designed a schematic: I know it's kind of messy, ...
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Check my first PCB design for errors (simple high power LED circuit)

I'm designing my first PCB in Eagle. This PCB is for surface mount LEDs (Epistar 1-3W) and has 5 independent channels. There is an input from my driver circuit and an output for daisy-chaining more ...
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Design considerations for LED strip PWM dimming

A note on my background: I'm a programmer in an electronic design company, starting out with hobby projects. I'm planning to design a PWM LED strip dimmer and colour controller for an RGB/RGBW led ...
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PCB Design - Simple USB Radio Transceiver [closed]

I'm designing a small USB radio transceiver with 3 main components: Sparkfun's RFM69HCW 915 MHz Transceiver. [Datasheet] Microchip's MCP2210 USB-SPI Bridge. [Datasheet] A simple USB port from Digikey....
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Controlling 2 PSUs with an mCU

I'm finalizing my plans to make a physical control panel to interface 2 of my 3D Printers to an embedded Linux device. (Just minimal physical controls since 95% of the controlling will be done via a ...
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Is this a well-implemented power supply for driving logic from a LiPo or NiMH battery?

I'm designing a power supply for a system which requires a 3.3V logic power rail, driven by a user-selected battery. My requirements are as follows: Input voltage between 7V and 18V - usual ...
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simple circuit review

I'm building a DIY project with a Rapberry Pi. I tried to cut down the connections to the ones I think might be involved in a certain behavior I'd like to understand. What I have: a 12V power supply ...
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Is my PCB good?

I's my first time designing a PCB board and I would like to have your professional inputs and know if I made any major design error. The design is available here :
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Is there anything wrong with this circuit? [closed]

I'm hoping for a review of this circuit. I'm looking to make a little IoT device thats powered of a USB mini port or from Vin. There is the MCU, a few sensors, a GPS unit and a RF module. Any ...
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Better Gerber Review Tools

As part of my current workflow producing a PCB layout I open my gerber files using gerbv. This allows me to switch on and off layers and check things are as they should be. However I need to present ...
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Critique for my short circuit indicator and guidance to improve it

This circuit was designed to save electronic components in the assembled board from damage. It gives warning beep if there is a short circuit in the assembled board. Thus it helps to switch off the ...
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