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Short for: Red Green Blue, the primary colors in light. They can be mixed to create any visible color of light. Questions are typically in reference to RGB LEDs, RGB LED drivers, and code related to mixing RGB light, but can include the RGB Video Standard in VGA monitors.

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Blending RGB LED colors together

Although this question is more of an optics than electronics, it strongly involves LEDs so I think it is a good idea to post it here. I have a simple 3W, RGB LED with a 5deg lens. Everything is ...
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Glowing pressure plate

I need to build a pressure plate to go on the front of a prop to be used in Airsoft. The idea is this plate is both an target to be shot at and a visual representation of "health". My initial ...
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1 answer

What makes a good RGB LED

I am looking for supplier for RGB LEDs for an upcoming project RGB POV LED Globe. Normally I would go to my local electronics supply story, but this project requires lots (~1000) of LEDs and my local ...
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3 answers

POV globe speed questions

I am planning on creating a RGB LED POV globe only physically larger then that one. I am planning on using 64 RGB LEDs, requiring 3x pins per LED for a total of 192 outputs. Obviously I am going to ...
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Do RGB LEDs actually behave like three separate LEDs?

I am trying to operate a lot of RGB LEDs for a project. I came up with a crazy scheme which only works if the RGBs work exactly as three separate LEDs. What I want to do is connect the R, G and B ...
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Arduino, RGB LED, BlinkM MaxM controller

I'm a student from QUT doing interaction design this semester (you've probably heard from a few of us over the past few months). Anyway I just order the 25 diffused RGB Leds if that rings a bell for ...
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Colour correcting RGB LEDs - possibly with science

I have some RGB LEDs (eBay - no datasheet, 4 pin, common cathode, 5mm). I am colourblind. I'd like to create a palette of colours which appear distinctly for most people's eyes, perhaps 16 colours or ...
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Red Green Blue LED

Do you need to use different resistors against each of the colours on an RGB LED?
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Is there a single IC that can control a 8x8 RGB LED Matrix

I was wondering if there was a single IC like the MAX6960 that could control a whole 8x8 RGB LED Matrix because the MAX6960 can only control a RGY.
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