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Questions tagged [robotics]

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What can I use to detect pinpoint location (inches) outdoors?

I am getting back in to EE after some time so please excuse my ignorance. I am looking for a way to detect pinpoint location outdoors to navigate a robot for a project with my sons. Is there a low ...
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10 votes
2 answers

PID algorithm implementation using computer vision

I am constructing an automatic labyrinth maze solver, and using a webcam to control my maze. Based on suggestions in other forums, I am trying to control maze's ball movement at least in one ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Methods of filtering noise caused by DC brush motors

I am looking for any information that would help me reduce the power rail noise and EMI of DC brush motors. I am building a robot that is powered by 2 x 250 W 24V DC motors. Thank you in advance
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1 answer

How to use an ESC

I'm new to RC related modules. Today I got my Hobbywing's Skywalker 20A brushless esc. Manual is here. I also have a brushless outrunner motor (HL3512) I don't ...
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4 answers

How to drop 6 volts to 5 volts

I am designing a robot using the PIC16F877A microcontroller that will avoid walls and obstacles. I plan to have it run off of 4 AA batteries. I was wondering how i would convert the 6 volt input ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Microcontroller/cpu for fast trigonometry in robot?

This concerns hardware that does weighs little, because a (fat cat sized, 6 legs with 3 DOF) walking robot should carry it around. Because of that walking it'll need to do a lot of trigonometry (using ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Communicating via USART with an AVR - Input Buffer?

I am currently building a robot (as some of you may know from my previous questions). The current task I a dealing with is that of communication. To keep things simple, assume I have 5 commands to ...
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building a remotely controlled remote controlled car :) [closed]

I am a newb to EE (I am a web developer). My friend works remotely and this is what I would like to accomplish: Build a web interface like this: When he visits this interface from a remote location, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How accurate are altimeters?

I'm building a quadrocopter and would like to prevent drift using a down facing camera. To do this properly, I need to get the height of the drone from the ground. Obviously the ground can vary, so ...
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6 answers

Rotary encoders to ensure 2 wheel robot goes straight!

I have successfully counted the rotary encoders on the wheel of my robot so this is not a problem. My problem is what to do with this number. Basically, the bigger problem is that I need my robot to ...
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2 answers

Powering a Servo: Do I need a separate power source?

I have a project that utilizes two strong digital, coreless servo motors. Whenever I use DC motors, I usually need to have separate power sources for both the microcontroller and the motors (due to ...
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How to get input voltage of 5 and 6 volts [duplicate]

I have an interesting problem in building something with robotics. I am using a PIC16F877A micro-controller to control the robot. The motors of the robot require 6 volts and the PIC requires 5 volts....
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Battery Run-time/capacity calculation

Problem is to find the difference in run-time between: a. Using 12V 10Ah battery vs 24V 5Ah battery. PS: Load is rated at 12VDC and 24V to 12V step-down conversion is available.
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