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Diagnosing single phase 3-speed brushless AC motor

The air conditioner Family FSA-15H has one-phase fan brushless AC motor with 3 constant speeds: High, Medium, Low. After 2 years of rare use, the fan works only on ...
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Exciting the rotor and stator of a slip ring induction motor at different frequencies, will it develope torque?

I came across this question as I was preparing for an exam, I am unable to understand the theory behind it. The textbook says the motor can run a 600 and 2400 rpm but gives no explanation. Could ...
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Dc motor speed measurement issue [closed]

My setup is E6B2 incremental encoder(1000pr),Stm32 nucleo-l452re-p.I'm trying to measure speed for system identification and my graphs are looking kinda odd. I tried to increase the gab "Te"...
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PWM accuracy vs speed control accuracy

For inverter closed-loop controlled PMSM motor, if we want to realize a high speed accuracy at steady state, say 0.2%, i.e., +/- 2rpm at 1000rpm, must the PWM accuracy be better that it? Or is it more ...
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What is the relationship between the RPM, power, and impedance of an induction motor?

Does an induction motor draw more power at higher RPM? Increasing the frequency of the AC power supply will increase the RPM of the induction motor. However, that should also increase its impedance (...
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What are the variables describing in this equation?

For my course, we have to use this formula when calculating the speed of a DC motor. I know V, I, R and Φ, but i'm not totally sure what c, Z, p and K are. I think p is number of poles in the motor. I ...
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PMSM current control test

First tests for the field oriented control (FOC) of a pmsm may be conducted only on an inductance or a stator, i.e. not at the rotating machine, e.g. when the machine has more or less high power I ...
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How does adding resistance to a wound rotor induction motor increase torque?

I read that adding resistance to the rotor circuit causes the induced current in the rotor to be more in phase with the stator current. This produces a very small phase angle difference between the ...
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How to electric motors work? [closed]

I’m planning on building a electric bike/motorcycle and was wondering on what affects motor speed and torque. How does voltage affect a brushed motor and brushless motor? I would be powering this off ...
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Operation of Induction Motors and their Back EMF [duplicate]

I'm trying to reconcile the physical steps that go into the operation of an AC induction motor. Looking online, I either find broad and general explanations that I already know and understand, or very ...
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Calculate ideal unloaded rotor speed

I have the following problem: MY ATTEMPT Okay, I've found two formulas that will definitely help me solve this problem: The first is \$S=\frac{N_s-N}{N_s} \$, where \$S\$ is the slip, \$N_s\$ ...
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