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Questions tagged [rtx-rtos]

The Keil RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic Real-Time Operating System designed for ARM and Cortex-M devices. It allows you to create programs that simultaneously perform multiple functions and helps to create applications which are better structured and more easily maintained.

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CMSIS-RTOSv2 - Access out of bounds in RTX RTOS window

During migrating my project to RTOSv2 and RTXv5, I recognize that after a few minutes my program hangs and the messages appear at the RTX RTOS window: ...
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RTOS-rtx (CMSIS) - Synchronizing threads

In the given Image, there is a program I'm having a difficulty to understand. If we have created two threads count & barrier then why are we defining "counter"(2nd line) also, inside thred1 ...
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stm32f207 ethernet interrupts problem

I installed RTX (rtos from Keil) and Ethernet library from STM for stm32f207 MC. I configured UDP using ethernet + LwIP as in examples from STM. Without RTOS UDP works fine. I send and get packets ...
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Why event flag related functions does not work correctly outside of tasks in keil rtx?

As you know event flags are very useful (e.g. let task running),but unfortunately their control functions (os_evt_clr/set/wait) does not work outside of tasks bodies correctly(e.g. in interrupt ...
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