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USART and ATmega RX Problem

I'm trying to understand how USART of ATmega works. I read some pages and I've picked information about it. To test functionality I've written this code: ...
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ESP32 AND CP2102 Serial data reading issue

I have a PCB on which i am taking a 5v - 1A DC power supply , and again providing 3.3v to ESP32 through AMS-1117 3.3v. Basically things are not working on when i solder the esp32 on my pcb but things ...
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UART in AVR Microcontrollers

If an UART is receiving data continuously, can I also send data using the same UART while receiving data at the same time?
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Does enabling the alternate RXD function on an AVR GPIO pin disable the pull-up functionality?

The datasheet seems to imply that either the PORT register or the alternate alternate pin function, but not both.... Since the pull-ups are controlled by the ...
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