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Identify a strange 11-pin SCART connector

I have stumbled upon a strange 11-pin SCART connector on a Chinese manufacturer's website. Its model name is ST342R-11. The photo and the mechanical drawing below are coming directly from the ...
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Switching 4 SCART inputs: analog switch ICs or relays for signal quality?

I need to build a SCART switcher (like this one here: Lotharek's Hydra Revised, but with fewer inputs, simpler - no fancy features, just switching between a few inputs, and cheaper). I have some ...
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What is the purpose of this device?

I found this device in my father's basement, but I can't figure out what this device is. It has only 1 SCART connector, 1 power cable and only 1 button in front of it. I think it may be some old video ...
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How can I build a composite video to scart converter?

I'm interested in building a composite to scart adapter. How can I?
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SCART to composite video conversion without IC, is that possible?

I have assembled this project which was lot of fun, but I have a TV with a composite video input only. Now I know there are ICs out there that can convert from RGB/HSYNC/VSYNC to ...
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JP21 scart compatability [closed]

If some one made a video game system with a scart/jp21 port and the system checked and switched outputs between the two types of cables, would that be doable? I apologise before hand at my poorly ...
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2 answers

How can I implement a SCART switch connector

I have some experience with electronics, but no experience with AV. I would love to learn how to do something like the following: I want to build a little circuit which will do the following: ...
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How can I build a RGB+CSync to SCART video cable for a vintage camera control unit?

I'm an associate professor at a university in Japan, and last year I discovered that my university has two working, vintage Sony DXC-M3A Saticon tube video cameras, along with accompanying power ...
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What is JP-21 (Japanese Scart)

I can barely find any information on this, all I know is that the cables look the same but have different pins. Can someone explain the story of why they look the same and if JP-21 is a standard in ...
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Giant Connector Plug

I'm looking for a very big connector plug, similar to the old SCART connectors, except I need it to be at the following specs: No Of Pins: At least 35, preferably 50 Gauge size: At least 12 pins with ...
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SCART to VGA adapter - green picture

I want to connect my DVD player which has a SCART output to a computer LCD monitor with VGA input. The DVD player supports the Progressive scan mode. It supports both PAL and NTSC. I've built this ...
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