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Direct ABCD matrix calculation from incident and reflected currents and voltages (i.e. obtained by 2 port FDTD simulation results)

Usual method for transmission (ABCD) matrix construction, from 2 ports EM simulation results, is to first calculate S parameters for each port i.e.: ...
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Antenna impedance (one port network), represented as ABCD (transfer) matrix?

I guess that ABCD matrices are not intended for one port, but, in this case, for the purpose of cascading two networks, 2 port (impedance transformer) and 1 port (antenna), by ABCD matrix ...
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Calculation of scattering parameter

I am not able to calculate the scattering matrix of a pi-circuit although I have calculated its Y matrix. The needed scattering matrix is referred to 50Ω. Could someone help me on calculating the ...
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Do scattering parameters change with velocity?

I'm using the HFSS SBR+ solution type. I have one PEC sphere and two parametric beam antennas. I am trying to find out how much S parameters change with the Doppler effect. Configuration: ...
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Avoiding thermal noise to enter low temperature while not using dissipative element

Let's assume that we want to interact with a circuit at very low temperature \$T2\$ to avoid any source of noise. The voltage interacting with this circuit must have a specific target value \$V0\$. ...
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Scattering matrix in microwave amplifier

What exactly is the scattering matrix in a microwave amplifier. I tried to deduce from lectures what it is used for in a microwave amplifier, but all I found were the formulas corresponding to the ...
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Is RF propagation path loss symmetrical and independent of clutter location?

Scenario: Consider two measurement points, point one is about 3m above ground level within a cluster of buildings (such as within an office park), and point two is about 1km away with an elevation ...
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How is Wilkinson power divider lossy?

In an ideal Wilkinson power divider(because in practical there will always be resistive loss), the scattering parameters, or S matrix is given as: From the condition that checks if network is loss-...
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Power waves and scattering matrix

I have some doubts about the concept of power waves used in the description of the scattering matrix of an N-port component. In particular, I was wondering what is the most general and correct ...
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Measurement of s11 with reduced power on NanoVNA

I am developing a 10.7 MHz IF amplifier for a radio receiver. In order to match the input to the output of the driving mixer stage (330 ohm) I need to measure the input impedance. I did the ...
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