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CE-compliant Schuko mains power switch: do I need to switch both poles?

I am currently revising a plug-in power meter (i.e. a power meter that you plug into mains, then plug the DUT into it) for CE compliance. It features power switching using a latching relay, only on ...
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Why does the power strip's switch light turn on even when the switch is off when I plug in a Schuko plug (CEE 7/7)?

I have a European power strip Schuko socket with switch (it looks like this and this). Mine has 3 Schuko sockets. I cannot open the power strip because it has round head carriage bolts with fastner-...
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Both pins of my schuko sockets live? [closed]

I would appreciate any help anyone is able to give me on this. I live in Spain and I am trying to check the polarity of a wall socket where I plan to plug in a extension block with all the various ...
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cutting a power plug

This may be a stupid question, but stupid > dead anyday, so I'll go ahead and ask. I have a schuko socket and a non schuko plug similar to the link. The only thing keeping me from sticking the ...
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How to correctly put an industrial timer switch with L / N screw terminals into a box with IEC C14 / Schuko connectors [closed]

I want to replace a cheap all encapsulated socket digi timer switch by an industry timer switch made for installation work, like this: I want to put it into a case that can be connected to a regular ...
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Why does schuko type F have 2 earth pins? [closed]

Why isn't there just one pin (like in French type E)?
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