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3 wire and 4 wire analog input

Currently, we have a new requirement from one of our customer on ADC interface. They want the ADC circuit which should support 3 and 4 wire configurable input, and it should support 4-20mA input. The ...
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ADS1113 ADC saturation at 0 Volts while sampling bipolar signal

I'm using a ADS1113 delta-sigma 16-bit ADC to sample a bipolar signal from a force sensor at 50Hz, and I have found a weird phenomenon. When the signal negative or positive, there is no issue, but ...
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DMA request is ony done 1 time in STM32 - Even if I have check marked it as Circular Mode

Cause for writing this question: I think I found a bug. This happens when I try to enable DMA for SDADC and Input Capture. Introduction: I'm using STM32F373VBTx processor and it working great! Except ...
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MAX11612 to replace ADS1015

I'm looking to replace an ADC chip from an ADS1015 to a MAX11612. Currently I'm using an Adafruit ADS1015 breakout board, but I need an ADC that is truly bipolar and reads significantly faster (>...
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SAMC21 - SDADC - VREF B - which pin?

I'm planning to use an ATSAMC21G16 in one of my current projects. But I got a hard time finding the correct pin in the Datasheet for the SDADC. On page 907 the block diagram shows, that VREFB can be ...
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