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Dual Power supply switching

I have two PCBs: PCB1 and PCB2. Both PCBs have a 5 V power supply connectors. Both PCBs are also connected with each other via extension connector. When 5 V connector of PCB1 is supplying power, then ...
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DC motor speed selector switch

I would like to have a switch to select the operation mode of the DC motor (half speed / full speed). The DC motor is 12V 1000W. Is there a more simple way than using a speed controller (h-bridge)?
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Replace USB diode with something else to reduce voltage drop

So I've made this circuit with a MOSFET and an Op Amp to select a voltage input to my battery. I sort of based it off the voltage selector circuit on the Arduino Uno board, but inversed since that ...
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Directional/menu selector component name

I'm new to eletronics and I don't know some component names I need to use to find some. Example, I'm looking for a 'kit' or a button set like this to use on a dashboard panel project I'm working on: ...
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Any chance to build a dual 2-to-1 line selector/multiplexer from a single chip?

I a need 2 units of 2-to-1 selector/multiplexer functions on a crammed board, ideally with a single DIP-14 or -16 chip. Looking around for something I found this formula ...
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