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3 answers

Help measuring inductance of custom-made coil

I am testing some coils that will be used in a resonant circuit as antennas for very low frequencies (<100 Hz). The coils work great, but the only way I have to tune is trial and error. If I ...
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Driving flyback transformer with variable frequency

Is it good idea/practice to drive a flyback transformer using two MOSFETs, similar to common ZVS drivers, but instead by controlling the gates without depending on resonance and LC tank calculations? ...
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1 answer

Inductive or capacitive load?

Here I have a series LCR circuit with resonant frequency greater than 200Hz. Is there a way to know whether this circuit is an inductive or a capacitive load? Edit: The only additional information we ...
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Skim excess power from a resonant circuit without draining it?

If you have a resonant circuit, oscillating at its self-resonant frequency, how would you extract the excess power without draining it fully? A high Q resonant transformer impedance matched to the ...
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How to tell a inductor's self-resonant frequency if its not mentioned in datasheet

I was looking at AIRD-03-221K inductor (a second datasheet here), and noticed it does not mention its self-resonant frequency (SRF). Of course, it mentions the frequency they tested it at, its 100Khz, ...
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