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Questions tagged [sensor-node]

Relates to a node or network of nodes that have sensors and are capable of forming networks, gathering, processing and delivering the data to a destination.

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2 answers

Would this be considered an internal node?

n1 was the only internal node the textbook talked about, but would the small upside down L shaped node connecting B's node to E1 be considered an internal node? As well as the other upside down L ...
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2 votes
3 answers

CAN bus possibilities?

Is it possible to add something, such as a microcontroller, to act as a new node that will integrate into the CAN bus system and be dominant over other nodes or at least speak on the bus to work what ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Low flow drip irrigation drip sensors

I've set up a gravity based drip system, but it's clear that the manual adjustment for each plant is impossible. I'd like to have a Raspberry Pi make the adjustments for me based on the assumption ...
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Bluetooth Interference between piconets

I am developing a device that consists of a base station and several wireless sensor nodes. In application there may be up to 30 of these devices in a laboratory with up to 5 sensor nodes ...
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