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Electrical theory regarding load sharing

I am having issues understanding why raising frequency of one AC generator while in parallel with another causes it to pick up more load. Any help would be appreciated. I operate with turbine powered ...
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Can an I2S speaker and microphone share the same I2S clock? What about word select?

If one is very tight on GPIOs, could an I2S TX and RX share any pins? Edit: The device I was thinking of was the ESP32, connected to an I2S microphone and speaker, for example SPH0645 and MAX98357A.
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Best approach for sharing SPI bus across multiple sensors

I'm designing a few PCBs for a project: Microcontroller PCB (SPI master) Sensor PCB, where each sensor PCB has several SPI slaves on it. In a full system, there would be 3 sensor PCBs directly ...
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How can multiple ICs access shared RAM?

I'm trying to build a game console from scratch (as an exercise, not necessarily for practicality). What I want to do is to have multiple "CPUs", in this case one being the Main CPU and the other one ...
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CAN Bus Frame Error [closed]

3.3 CAN Controller. Recessive state 1.85V...Talking to third party 5V CAN. Recessive state 2.4V. Both have dominant differentials of >= 2V. Two 120 ohm resistors on bus, 63 ohm resistance throughout. ...
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PCB ground connection for shared power/data bus system

I have a wireless device that is connected to a shared power and data bus, similar to below. The bus can be shared by up to 5 devices and I don't know what it will be connected in advance. I connect ...
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Multiple I²C slaves with different addresses VS. using a multiplexer

I'd like to interface a lot of identical I²C sensors, let's say 32, with a MCU that has only 2 I²C busses. I can configure each sensor to have up to 8 different addresses. Hence I can have 8 sensors ...
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4 bit SD card - sharing the interface?

I've done a lot of googling and the answer just isn't jumping out at me. I've got a project that has two SD card slots. Access to the two cards is never simultaneous. I'm upgrading this project to an ...
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Coprocessor Synchronization

I have a coprocessor that uses some dedicated hardware 65c618 core that starts up in a halted state. Through a dedicated bus I can control the coprocessor I-RAM which is needed to setup the processor ...
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How can I use a single 74595 to drive two different IC's?

I'm trying to build an audio circuit with as few parts as possible. Also, I really need to limit the number of pins used on my Arduino. I didn't ask this in the Arduino site because I don't think ...
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Sharing DDR3 memory between two sources

I have an FPGA and a powerful ARM processor both support DDR3. I am an experienced designer for smaller more embedded designs with less powerful CPUs but this is my first rodeo with a powerful ARM and ...
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RS232 and RS485 over same pins

I have 2 pins and primary function should be A/B RS485, but is possible that I also put RS232 (Rx/Tx) chip on same bus and then control which one I want to use from microcontroller. I was thinking ...
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Multi node bus options

I want a master node consisting of a TI Stellaris Cortex M3 core connected to what can be up to 32 slave nodes of TI MSP430 (or possibly more Stellaris slave nodes). These will be maximally 0.5 meters ...
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SRAM which two chips can read/write

I'm looking for a small, 32KB or so SRAM device that two MCUs can read or write (at two different times; I don't need simultaneous reading/writing.) It would be good if it used a serial interface as ...
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