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Siemens AG is a German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich. It is Europe's largest engineering company and maker of medical diagnostics equipment and its medical health-care division, which generates about 12 percent of the company's total sales, is its second-most profitable unit behind the industrial automation division.

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Identifying exact type of transistor

I can not identify the exact model of this transistor. It reacts as a bipolar NPN Si transistor with EBC pin configuration (first image left to right,) not ECB! This seems to be made by Siemens. ...
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Does anyone know what the heck this is?

I really hope I'm posting this in the right section. I was strolling down the street and looked up at this massive barrel object mounted to a utility pole. It's hard to tell from the pic, but it ...
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PCB Layout Mentor Graphics - basic question about transmission lines and components

I am currently doing a PCB Layout for an amplifier and would like to know if there is any way to add a transmission line to the Layout. As far as I noticed there is no corresponding symbol for such a ...
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What do you mean by 240Y / 131 V network specification?

I was referring an industrial control panel guide for North American market for the network specifications. The specification mentioned a voltage rating 240Y/131V. I am curious, how would one get a ...
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Xpedition Designer DNP (no fit) components

Could somebody please let me know what the method is to mark a component as DNP (not to be fitted in production) in Xpedition Designer (schematic entry). I can't find it in the docs and I'm used to ...
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Simatic Microbox PC

I just started my research studies and part of it is based on an assembly line which uses a Microbox IPC427E for automation. However, I have never used a microbox before and only have some experience ...
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Drive stepper motor with potentiometer in Siemens PLC

It is difficult for me to drive a stepper motor with potentiometer (position stepper motor with position potentiometer). I've done program, to see the value from potentiometer with NORM_X. I am using ...
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How to vary the voltage output depending on the changes in temperature?

I am working with the Siemens Logo8! PLC (0BA8 version) and the purpose of my circuit seems to be simple: If temp > 25°C then output voltage = 8V If temp < 25°C and >15°C then output voltage = 5V ...
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