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Conditioning a piezoelectric sensor via a charge amplifier circuit

I am trying to use a charge amplifier to condition a piezoelectric disc bender (APC International #20-1205). This is my current schematic: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using ...
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Signal conditioning circuit for piezoelectric sensor

I am trying to build a signal conditioning circuit for a piezoelectric accelerometer. Due to the low output of the accelerometer, I intend to add a signal conditioning circuit to the output. My idea ...
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How to linearize logarithmic DC signal?

I am modifying a cheap Chinese CNC mini-router controller to be able to control the spindle speed with a PWM signal. In theory the spindle controller board has all the electronics already on it to be ...
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Signal conditioning circuit

I want to design a signal conditioning circuit using an op-amp. It will be used to interface with the ADC input of an Arduino Nano. The maximum voltage to be measured is 250 Vrms, 50 Hz, and it should ...
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Dual Input Signal Conditioners and 4-wire RTDs

I am new to electronics/sensors and am working on integrating two RTDs into a DAQ for a school project. I want to use an Omega TXDIN70 signal condition to interface between the DAQ and RTDs, as it has ...
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Single source, single-ended to differential output low pass filter

I want to design an IEPE sensor signal conditioner. This signal conditioner that I will design will not include gain and attenuator parts. The signal from the IEPE sensor will pass through the ...
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TDM signal conditioning

I'm looking to transmit TDM signals (digital audio) over long-distance cables (around 5 meters). I did some tests with an oscilloscope and the signal is getting too much distortion. I was wondering if ...
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Non inverting OP AMP maximum output voltage problem

This is my non inverting OP AMP based amplifier for one of my measuring circuit. I have 2 queries about this circuit: With maximum input voltage of 5 V, I'm getting only 3.7 V only. (I know the ...
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Why is op-amp buffer used at input to ADC?

This is from datasheet of TI part ADS7041: The 200ohm resistor and capacitor form a low pass anti-aliasing filter. On the left of this, we have the input driver buffer op-amp. How do we know if we ...
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Would not this buffer reduce signal resolution for sensor driver? (recommended schematic)

I am following this design. For my application, the LVDT driver would give me a +-10 V output. Analog Devices recommeds a buffer for clearing the output signal of the driver. The thing is that they ...
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Op-amp output is distorted after the second stage

For my following circuit, the input is sine wave. LA25P is a current sensor having a bandwidth of 200 kHz (-1dB). The R2-C5 low-pass filter is designed at 482 kHz. However, if I have an input sine ...
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Conditioning inputs and outputs when using virtual ground

I am using a 120 VAC to 30 VDC single-sided supply to power a synthesizer that requires double ended power supplies, +/-15 V. I am using a TLE2426 rail splitter to create a virtual ground, then ...
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Reasons to use charge amplifier?

Here are some preliminary information before asking the question: When piezoelectric force sensors are subjected to a stress, they produce a charge that is proportional to the force. The amount of ...
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Analog signal conditioning circuit selection for STM32F2 microcontroller ADC inputs

This is my first time designing an analog signal conditioning circuit for ADC inputs. The card will have up to eight analog inputs connected to eight STM32F207ZG ADC channels (stm32 mcu datasheet). ...
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