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Anything related to signal theory, i.e. the branch of applied mathematics and engineering studying the properties of signals and the mathematical tools used to manipulate them.

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Solving Difference Equation Using Z-Transform

I was trying to solve a problem given in my textbook. I have attached the solution given in the book. I thought some modifications where needed to it and tried to solve in a different way. I ended up ...
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Why the Wien Oscillator output is a sine?

I don't understand why the output signal of the Wien oscillator is a sinusoidal waveform. I can easily understand how a sine waveform can be generated by an oscillator which contains an LC circuit (...
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Signal analog sensor DHT22

What is the change in humidity percentage for every Celsius degree change on a DHT22 sensor? I would like to know the value before it is converted into a digital signal. For example, in temperature ...
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Through-Glass WiFi Antenna

I used to install a lot of in-car UHF radios & hands-free cell phone kits. I mostly worked on trucks & commercial utility vehicles fitted with bull bars, upon which I would mount a big, bulky, ...
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Change range of a DC signal without changing the offset with op amps

I have a voltage signal with the following range: low - 2.5VDC middle point - 2.725VDC high - 2.95VDC I would like to condition this signal to: low - 0.4VDC middle point - 1.65VDC high - 2.9VDC I have ...
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