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When should I use a Front End Module (FEM) for a Wi-Fi chip?

The WF200 from Silicon Labs has the ability to connect a Front End Module (FEM). I have some questions: Why should I use a FEM? If I need a FEM, then which one fits with the WF200? Can I take an ...
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EFM8 BB51 internal temperature sensor and gain

I am setting up ADC0 on the EFM8 BB51 to read the internal temperature sensor. I am having a hard time understanding how the gain settings impact the values of the temp sensor. ...
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Running Giant Gecko (EFM32GG11) bootloader-uart-xmodem software example

I'm new to Silicon Labs products and Simplicity Studio and was wondering if someone would walk through some basic steps to running the example serial UART bootloader on a Giant Gecko using the ...
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Is auto generated projects for embedded system the future?

I'm using CubeMX for auto generate projects for the STM32 micro controllers. I really like CubeMX because it's fits both STM8 and STM32 micro controllers. One thing that I'm wondering about is if ...
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firmware testing methods

This is my first question here from the community :) So I have inherited some bad embedded code, the whole firmware is a messy spaghetti state-machine that has an infinite number of states! and it is ...
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Si5350 Driven by MEMS oscillator

I'd like to drive an Si5350 with a MEMS oscillator instead of a crystal for environmental robustness purposes. The Si5350 FAQ says that a CMOS input may be used instead of a crystal so long as the ...
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