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When I measure VM1 at the output pin 3 of NE555 U1 in the schematic below, it differs from VM2 at the control pin 5 at NE555 U2 - why?

I temporarily replaced C1 with a 100uF electrolytic capacitor so that the oscillations in pitch from high to low were slow enough to allow me to take voltage readings at VM1 and VM2. For IC 555 U1 at ...
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How does this siren circuit work?

I am a beginner studying electronics and I have recently learned about the 555 timer. My course includes the following circuit diagram: The goal of this circuit is to have the speaker produce a siren ...
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Powering a 12V horn from an Arduino and generate siren wailing [closed]

My home automation infrastructure has an alarm system that is capable of operating a flash and a 12V siren. Our house is equipped with a siren that was used to be operated by an obsolete alarm system ...
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Running a 220V siren with a digital clock

I'm trying to run a 220V siren from a digital clock that, upon reaching the set time, outputs 7.5V for about 2 seconds then stops. Now, I don't understand much about relays, but I did a little ...
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How to add more lights and sirens to motion detector

I have a motion detector size of a cigarette box that rings bell or simple song when activated using a small remote control. We turn it on after closing the business to go home. We've had many ...
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Need name(s) of electrical components to implement air raid siren

I want to hook up 1 to many air raid sirens on the outside of my home to a weather radio. Background: I've lived 50 years in an area rural to Austin, TX, where we just had like 5 tornadoes in a 2 hour ...
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Volume control after the amp

A system I built uses a commodity siren for audio feedback. In production it's outdoors and 50m from the operator and the volume level is just right. On my bench it's deafening. The tone generator ...
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Wiring an alarm to continually sound when activated

I'm working on a basic window-switch activated alarm that runs on 12v. When the window is opened, the window switch activates the alarm sounder. The issue is if the window is immediately closed again,...
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ESC/POS pulse activated siren

I would like to design a system that works with my ESC/POS thermal printer that activates a siren when a receipt is printed. My thermal printer has an RJ12 port which is intended to connect to a cash ...
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How to power a 6-12v Piezo siren from an Arduino?

We are trying to power a Piezo siren, which requires 6-12v, from an Arduino, which only outputs up to 5v. We are planning on using an external 9v battery to power the Piezo siren, although we do not ...
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How can I measure the current draw of a device without powering it?

I'm building a DIY security system for my home, but I'm using the existing sensors and siren that are already installed from my old security company. So, I don't know the current draw of the siren or ...
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Really loud, yet compact, long(-ish) duration, battery operated -- hooter / siren

Is it possible to design a small / compact, hand-held siren (i.e. with a loud hooter), that is battery powered and fits into something like a 3"x3"x2" box ? The requirements in more detail: Hooter ...
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