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Questions tagged [socket]

For questions about electrical sockets such as wall sockets or sockets for mounting electrical components (such as ICs).

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Testing a connection to a TCP socket through SIM5320A cellular module

I'm using a SIMCOM 5320A module like this one to try to establish a TCP connection. I'm going through SIMCOM's application note on TCP/IP as a reference. The AT commands I'm using may very well be ...
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Smart Phone's camera socket

I just want ask how the socket in the image is called? I couldn't really find and the closer I could get is only Raspberry's module.
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Subwoofer hums when no audio source is connected [closed]

The hum stops as soon as an audio source is connected or any metal part of the subwoofer is connected to the ground of a socket. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
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Does it matter which way you plug stuff into the wall socket [closed]

I have a european socket and if you saw one you will know that you can plug stuff either way. But american sockets can only be plugged in only one way. So does it matter which way its plugged it ...
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Why AC socket polarity is important?

In North America sockets and plugs design makes sure you'll be able to plug only in a certain way: (source) Why is this important for AC? Moreover, many plugs, such as cellphone chargers, are in fact ...
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Hot and neutral have similar voltage to ground - finding the problem

I have an APC battery backup and surge protector for my computer. It has a light, labeled "Building wiring fault." This light is on, and my computer will not start. I am unemployed and my landlord is ...
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Name of socketed PCB jumpers

What is the correct name for those little jumper cables, with a small socket each end, designed to go between header pins on PCBs. A bit like these, but singles
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Unknown two-pole power connector (female)

I want to include a female power connector in my design. The problem is that I do not know how to find the specific connector. This is the male counterpart that goes into the connector. And this is ...
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can I repair part fried socket

As image shows the power socket is fried, is there a method to repair it? BTW this is only the fried 4 pins is for +12v and the ground, one +12v still ok but don't know if it enough.
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Name of the HP Female Adapter Socket In My Laptop

I have this HP powerbrick with a 90W capacity (19v 4.7A) that I want to use in my project. I am planning to use it as a power source for my 50W LED. But I want to keep the male socket it has rather ...
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Can I use a 250 VAC socket for 120V power?

I live in canada and I'm trying to build some DIY audio gear. I'm using a toroid (115, 2x15v) And this socket to go with it ...
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