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Why program for MI-V bigger than 64 kB does not build properly?

I am woking with Microsemi Polarfire Splashkit evaluation board (Microchip's Polarfire MPF300T FPGA on board). My project has Mi-V RV32 Softcore processor (RISC-V ISA) and I am writing firmware for it....
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SoftConsole VS Keil for Smatfusion2 or any other development environment?

In order to program the ARM Cortex-M3 processor which is embedded in the Microsemi FPGA board SmartFusion2, I think there is two possibilities (correct me if wrong): Keil MDK (Microcontroller ...
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Data transfer from Cortex M1 to AHB slaves

I am working on ACTEL Fusion platform which provides Cortex M1 softcore. Is it possible for AHB-lite slaves to access Cortex M1 memory. For e.g If my main C file has an array of unsigned_int 's. Is it ...
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MicrosemiTools and C++

I've been trying to work with the Microsemi SmartFusion FPGA/MCU SOC boards and their "free" toolchain that includes an Eclipse-based "SoftConsole" IDE that appears to be based on the GNU C/C++ ...
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