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Questions tagged [softcore]

A soft core is a microprocessor core that can be wholly implemented using logic synthesis.

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Get Input Text from Console on MicroBlaze Softcore

My experience with writing embedded C is pretty limited so there will probably be a simple solution to this question. I am using a Microblaze softcore on a basys 3 FPGA development board and will have ...
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How to specify iCE40 package when using Arachne-PNR

I am trying to synthesise the picorv32 picosoc for an IceFun board. So far, I have cloned the HX8Kdemo files, and modified the Makefile and PCF files accordingly. When I try to run 'make icefun' I get ...
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hardware software co-simulation in HDL simulator

When we simulate (VHDL) RTL designs in a simulation tool like ModelSim or ActiveHDL e.t.c, we can have a complete visibility of all signals and variables in the design. This goes a great deal in ...
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Softcore vs hardcore for power consumption

What is the difference between soft core and hard macro processors used in FPGAs in terms of power?
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USB Softcore for FPGA : Extra resistor on FPGA transmitter pin

Have anyone used this USB softcore before ? Why do we need extra resistance on the tx pin ONLY ? Whichever pins you transmit on need to have resistors after them. The exact values will depend ...
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Implementation of NIOS Softcore alongwith HDL modules on Aletra Cyclone IVGX

My question is not on 'how can' but 'if can'. So I believe people with sufficient experience on any FPGA family might be able to help me out here. Problem Statement: I need to model a very basic ...
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What are the typical uses for a soft-processor such as MicroBlaze?

I know that the FPGA-DSP combination is typically used for high-end power electronics/ultrasound/MRI/etc. Is it possible for the soft-processor to fully replace the DSP even on lower-end FPGAs such ...
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How do I get a chinese nRF51822 development kit running examples with an ST-link, Keil uVision?

I've been working at this for days with not much information out there to assist me in fixing my issues, so I figured I'd make a post here. I'm using a cheap chinese nRF51822 module and motherboard ...
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What are the advantages to a separate processor when there is an FPGA present?

Consider an embedded application with both a discrete processor(ARM, AVR, PIC, etc) and an FPGA to offload some of the work or interface with specific hardware. Assuming there are sufficient ...
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Designing a peripheral for soft core CPU

I've been implementing a hardware module in VHDL for part of my university dissertation and I want to implement it as part of a NIOS II core in my cyclone 2 FPGA. This uses the Avalon interface, what ...
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Soft core processors vs hard core processors

I am doing a study on FPGA interfacing with microprocessors such as ARM9. I found the concept of soft core processors and hard core processors in my study. May I know what is the comparison between ...
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Data transfer from Cortex M1 to AHB slaves

I am working on ACTEL Fusion platform which provides Cortex M1 softcore. Is it possible for AHB-lite slaves to access Cortex M1 memory. For e.g If my main C file has an array of unsigned_int 's. Is it ...
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Is there an FPGA implementation of Donald Knuth's MMIX?

Does anyone know of an FPGA soft-core implementation of Donald Knuth's MMIX? My google search only found old discussions of people who knew people who were working on an FPGA implementation.
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Cheapest FPGAs? [closed]

How cheap do FPGAs get? I know they're more expensive than microprocessors of comparable capability, but I wonder if there exist FPGAs that could contain a Microblaze soft core running Linux, while ...
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Readable and educational implementations of a CPU in a HDL

Can you recommend a readable and educational implementation of a CPU in VHDL or Verilog? Preferably something well documented. P.S. I know I can look at opencores, ...