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Questions tagged [soic]

For questions about the Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) surface mounted integrated circuit package. Use in conjunction with the "packages" tag.

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2 answers

SOIC to DIP Adapter

I am planning to use OPA380AID. My issue is that I need to use this on a bread board. I have found SOIC adaptors. https://learn....
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SOIC-8 package in KiCAD

I want to incorporate a chip in my design. This is the datasheet: It is an 8 pin SOIC package. When I try to ...
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Help identifying an unknown SOIC-8 memory chip

I'm trying to dump the memory from a device for debugging. Based on what I know of the microcontroller (an ANYKA AK3918EN080) and the debug info returned from my failed attempts to dump the memory I ...
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Having a hard time identifying this component; maybe the logo can help

Does anyone have any idea what this part Q6 is? It appears to be some type of SOIC 8 FET. Logo on the device:
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DIP to SOIC-8 Adapter

I'm just getting round to a project that calls for a SOIC8 IC to be surfaced mounted on the PCB. The part it calls for is nowhere to be found (the backorder is several months at least!). I can, ...
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How to connect wires from Orange Pi to DIP8 board without a numbered layout?

I read the documentation, it doesn't tell how to do it. I have an EEPROM chip containing the BIOS on my laptop's motherboard - an MX25L06E if you need the name. I have an Orange Pi Lite board, and I ...
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Package of Flash memory S25F064L

I need to use a SPI Flash from Cypress / Infineon to build a prototype for a future product. The exact model I have ordered is S25FL064LABMFM000. According to the seller page it is a SOIC16 package ...
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What is this SOIC-8 part from ST?

Marked "393" and "(ST)GZ439" or "6Z439" under conformal coat. Siemens DC/DC PSU section, near a UC3843B current-mode PWM controller, HF transformer, etc. Checked the ST ...
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SOIC-8 package size error

I designed a PCB using both NE5532 and OP177 opamps. In principle both opamps are in SOIC-8 packages. However when I received the opamps, I found the NE5532 are much larger than the footprint they ...
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Is there any SOIC test clip with 54 pin? [closed]

I need to test this IC, which has 54 pins, without unplug it from the PCB. So far I could not find SOIC test clip with 54 or more pins, so I was wondering if even such that test clip exists? If not, ...
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Replacing a PDIP-IC with a SOIC-IC

On one of my boards we were using integrated circuits with PDIP layout. Some of those ICs died recently, and we wanted to replace the ICs with newer versions. Unfortunately, now we only can buy SOIC ...
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SOP vs SOIC test clips [closed]

I'm mostly a software person, so this might be a super basic question. I wanna connect to an SOP8 flash chip. I see many recommendations for the Pomona clips, but that one is labeled SOIC8. I can't ...
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Have SO(P)X components 2.54mm, 1.27mm or smaller pin spacings?

I'm a bit confused about the pin spacings of SO8/SOP8. Example: in Detail 2.54 SOP8, pin spacing is 2.54mm. However, according to Small_Outline_Integrated_Circuit, fragment: Small-outline package ...
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Difference between ESOP-8 and SOP-8?

I am ordering some parts for the first PCB projects I've designed in EasyEDA. One of the PMICs I am utilizing is the TP4056 which is listed as being in a "SOP-8_EP_150mil" package. Doing a broader ...
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Do SOIC op-amps packages behave differently from DIP?

I have acquired some mcp-6002 op-amps in a SOIC package instead of the DIP I normally use. I have solder these to a SOIC to DIP "converter" so to fit on the breadboard. If I connect them as I do with ...
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What would an acceptable replacement be for a discontinued Motorola HCT174A?

I am trying to replace a Hex D Flip-Flop on an Amiga A4000 motherboard. The original chip has the label HCT174A XAA346 I believe the datasheet describing this ...
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SOIC -16 IC Orientation

I've just soldered a SOIC-16 am26c32 on to a breakout board. The datasheet shows the orientation of the chip by means of a semi circle at one end ( ...
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tmp36 soic, doesn't work, but the to92 version does, am I missing something obvious?

I am using a tmp36 temperature sensor to measure temperature (with an attiny 85), when I put 5V across the GND and Vs pins of the to92 model the Vout is not 0 (I can't remember the exact value now but ...
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How to prevent SOIC8 clip from backfeeding

I'm trying to read the flash ROM using a SOIC8 clip, on board. I am horrible at surface mount soldering. Is there a way to use the clip on the board, without removing the chip, and not have the SOIC8 &...
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Clip type for in-system programming (SOIC8 vs DIP8)

Updated: What clip can I use to connect to this [specsheet] SPI flash chip in a DIP8 package? note: this picture is of a motherboard that belongs to someone else, but mine has the same manufacturer,...
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Is there a difference between SOIC and SOP?

I'm looking at two integrated circuit packages: SOIC and SOP. They seem (almost) identical (pitch, overall size, etc...) SOP SOIC Is there any important differences between these two packages that ...
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