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Lowrance Sonar Pin outputs

I have this Lowrance fish finder HDS 7 gen 3 that uses a HST-WSBL transducer to map the ocean floor. I wanted to use the transducer on its own with a Arduino. I looked into the pin-out of the fish ...
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What is the purpose of VD2 in this circuit?

This is a simple sonar device using piezoelectric mic and speaker. I understand, the C2-VD1-VD2-C3 is detector circuit that is intended to enable the sound generator based on CD4001 that produces ...
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Picking up ultrasonic signals on a hydrophone

I bought two Aquarian H2A (3.5mm version, not XLR) hydrophones for receiving faint ultrasonic signals (29 KHz) being generated by an underwater sensor node. I am running into some issues. I tried to ...
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Using LIDAR in a 360-degree configuration

(I do not know an appropriate place for this on Stack Exchange. There does not appear to be any groups dedicated to LIDAR or ranging, so this will do for now. Please let me know if there is a better ...
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Sensor for tank fluid measurement

What kind of low cost sensor can be used for a tank fluid level measurement up to about 1m distance, with accuracy of about 5%. Interface to controller can be anything reasonable (SPI, I2C, digital, ...
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What is this IC with marking M7CK 825?

What device has this marking M7CK 825 with size 3mm x 3mm, so I can purchase a replacement? This is a Garmin echomap 50s sonar circuit board. The outboard gave overcurrent and this broke down, as did ...
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Driving distance sensor from ubuntu usb

home automation is driven by a PC running Ubuntu. It currently has a 1-wire network of thermometers for managing our geysers and solar water heaters. I would like to extend it to manage our water ...
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Variable gain amplifier output appears on circuit positive and negative supplies

I am trying to use the analog devices AD600 in a simple sonar system. However, the performance of the chip is severely degraded because whenever the chip's output is nonzero, a portion of that output ...
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using ultrasonic sonar and mist maker together

I have made a cold steam bucket (ultrasonic mist maker). now i want to add automatic water level indication system for it using ultrasonic sonar module. i want to know if both mist maker ultrasonic ...
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In heterodyn receiver circuits, why is the LO not chosen to match the target frequency?

I'm trying to design a device that detects motion using sonar. I'm basing it on a common superheterodyne receiver like this: Now from what I've read, in radio audio receivers the local oscillator is ...
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What are the range of pressure values we receive from an ultrasonic sensor?

While trying to receive ultrasonic waves from a Sonar using a pressure transducer what are the range of values of pressure I can get. I need these values to buy necessary equipment for doing the ...
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