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How far can mains voltage arc in air?

I wondered this while soldering a mains voltage circuit board and was surprised by how close together the traces were. It has obvious implications in design of electrical plugs, and the proximity of ...
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Arduino resetting/hanging due to sparks in ac line

This is the PCB design of the project I have been working on recently (my first pcb design). The idea is to control ac appliances (fans, bulbs etc) without relays. I am using triacs which are better ...
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How can I prevent inrush current from causing sparks when I connect my project to a power source?

It is a common problem with my projects that when I plug connector in (DC connector to DC jack), sparks can be seen, although it hardly takes 10 watts of power. On commercial products, this is not a ...
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What would it take to spark through electrical tape?

Forgetting for a moment that wires can get hot, and that electrical tape can melt because of it: I've been wondering how much voltage/amperage it would take to spark through your standard house hold ...
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Ignition coil arc initiation with protected low voltage continuation?

I'd like to initiate a spark plug arc with an ignition coil and then power the resulting (highly conductive) plasma with an ultracapacitor (low voltage, say 12V to 24V, and high current) without ...
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Can I pre-charge a capacitor to prevent a spark when connecting to battery?

I have a heavy duty, 62V, 600A continuous battery which I want to connect to an electric vehicle controller with a 5,2mF capacitor in it. To prevent a massive spark when connecting it, I am thinking ...
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Noise from stun-gun based butane torch ignition spark is locking up ATmega328 microcontroller

I have a stun gun ( which I am using to create a large 1/2" electrical arc through the air to remotely ignite a ...
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arduino controlled spark plug with ignition coil

I am trying to built a ignition system which will have the following Spark plug Ignition coil (I don't know the spec of these. but this one is from Honda Activa) Some switching circuit I found ...
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